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Fearless Networker Spotlight: Jessie Lee Ward


Jessie Lee Ward In this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we’re featuring Jessie Lee Ward, a seriously hard-working Network Marketer who went full-time by being fired for having a “poor work ethic”.  She shares her quick ride to finding the profession that would change her life.

The Fearless Networker:  What were you doing before you got involved in Network Marketing?

Jessie Lee Ward:  Before Network Marketing I did direct sales for four and a half years.  Learning about residual income from Network Marketing made my transition go faster than I could have anticipated.  Before doing anything with sales, I graduated college and worked in a pathology lab as a research assistant.

The Fearless Networker:  How did you first get introduced to the Network Marketing profession and what was that experience like?

Jessie Lee Ward:  I got a lot of really skeevy cold messages from FaceBook and had no interest.  Everyone told me MLM was a scam, so I stayed far away.  Finally, someone messaged me just to chat and slid in that they were with a Network Marketing company.  When the timing was right, I reached out to pick a company. 

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  With your success, some people might be surprised at how long you’ve been involved in the Network Marketing profession.  Can you please share that and how long it took for you to go from being a part-time Network Marketer, to going full-time?

Jessie Lee Ward:  I joined October 9, 2015.  So, I’ve been involved in Network Marketing a year and a half.  If we count my direct sales time, it took me about four months to go full-time.  It’s funny…I only went full time because I was fired for having a “poor work ethic”.  Since my direct sales company was the only income stream I had, I figured I should just go full-steam-ahead!

The Fearless Networker:  So how many people have you personally enrolled into your company and what is the current size of your organization?

Jessie Lee Ward:  I’ve enrolled roughly 500 people.  But, including what I did in direct selling I’ve recruited over 1,000 in the 6 years.  We have 1900 distributors.

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  Did you struggle on your way to achieving success in this profession, and if so, how did you overcome it?

Jessie Lee Ward:  You have to personally develop in this profession, and I think people don’t take it as seriously as they should.  I dealt with serious haters and as tough as I may have seemed, the depression-inducing, ruder-than-rude people were tearing at my insides.  I started listening to Ted Talks every day, reading constantly and having audible on full-blast all day.  I had to get my mind right. 

The Fearless Networker:  Jessie Lee, you’re a confident person.  What, IF anything, was your biggest fear as you started your Network Marketing career?

Jessie Lee Ward:  I had a fear of success.  I still do, sometimes.  When I think about how much money we make in this profession after we front-load the work, it is staggering.

The Fearless Networker:  When it comes to team building, what have been some of the most effective actions you’ve taken to help them grow?

Jessie Lee Ward:  SYSTEMS.  I built a very duplicatable system for our team.  I don’t want them to have to think; I want them to be able to act.  Love on your team.  Incentivize them.  Take YOU out of the equation. 

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  I’m curious, what does your typical day look like in terms of what you do in your business?

Jessie Lee Ward:  I wake up every day and do my morning routine with incantations, a Ted Talk, and review my list for the day.  After that, it is team time.  

Every day of the week has some theme to it…”Team Tuesday”, “Ask Me Anything Wednesday”, etc.  I make sure to post that to our team.  I pull reports as soon as that is done and post those to the team.

Everything I do throughout the day is methodical so I can track my progress.  I always know how many leads to reach out to and who I need to follow up with by using a good ole’ pen and paper and alarms in my phone.  

Every day I wish everyone happy birthday on FaceBook.  And every night, right before I write out my list for the next day, I track the day’s progress to make sure we are on track for our goals.  

The Fearless Networker:  What have you found to be the most effective means of recruiting new distributors into your business, and how do you go about doing it?

Jessie Lee Ward:  FaceBook Live.  FaceBook Live.  FaceBook Live.  Seriously, just do it, RECRUIT.  There is no perfect way, just consistency. 

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  Can you share any specific actions that you’ve implemented into growing your business that you’ve found to be exceptionally productive? 

Jessie Lee Ward:  I created a FaceBook system that duplicates because I was so sick of doing business belly to belly.  I made a checklist for new distributors to launch their business, wrote scripts for them to use and built a system around activities that explode businesses including specific actions, to-do’s, etc.  We love utilizing FaceBook groups and chats and disseminating information as quickly as possible.  It has been incredible. 

The Fearless Networker:  What’s one solid piece of advice that you’d give someone entering this profession for the very first time?

Jessie Lee Ward:  You are never going to know everything, so jump in!  You won’t understand the comp plan, so just jump.  You ARE going to look and sound ridiculous, so accept it and just jump.  If 1% of professional Network Marketers make millions a year then why not you?

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  How has Network Marketing changed your life?

Jessie Lee Ward:  My life could not be more different.  Now I have unicorn colored hair…I’m kidding.  Really, I am so much happier.  You cannot buy time.  Before this profession, I felt like all I did was run around wildly wishing I had more time in my day.  I feel successful.  And although that is different for each person, I feel it financially, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and in everything I do. 

“You are never going to know everything, so jump in!”  Jessie Lee Ward  

The Fearless Networker:  What is your favorite business book or books of all time, and WHY?

Jessie Lee Ward:  Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanny.  I read that book and thought to myself “LET’S GO JESSIE LEE!”

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  Do you have any suggestions for people to ensure that they make Network Marketing a lasting and successful business to pursue for a lifetime?

Jessie Lee Ward:  Be consistent.  You can only expect to grow consistently if you are consistent in your actions.  

Get rid of the importance of other people’s opinions.  Remember the way you felt when you bought your starter kit and the dreams you felt when you hit “submit”.  Go back to that on days that aren’t good.  

Don’t blame your upline; use a mirror when you aren’t having success.  Be loyal to YOU.

The Fearless Networker:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that’s served you well in business?

Jessie Lee Ward:  It sounds so funny now, but I remember being told, “Recruit. You’ll get free money for doing nothing.”  Obviously, recruiting and leadership isn’t “nothing,” but at the time it made me focus on building a team and long-term income. 

Jessie Lee WardThe Fearless Networker:  If you could share anything that would massively impact the people reading this, what would you say?

Jessie Lee Ward:  You are enough.  Do not spend time trying to be exactly like anyone.  Be exactly who you are at your core.  If people think you’re odd, those are simply the people with whom you don’t need to do business.  There are MORE than enough humans in the world who will love you for exactly who you are, so go out and show the world who that is.

The Fearless Networker:  Jessie Lee, thank you for your raw truth and endless energy!

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