Lessons from the #1Earning Network Marketer in the World: Pt 1

I had a chance to spend four hours with Holton Buggs last week, who is currently the #1 earning network marketer in the world.  What defines that?  He is currently making over $1,000,000 a month in commissions from his compensation plan.  To my knowledge, he is the ONLY individual in our profession who has ever earned a million a month from a compensation plan.  Now…I may be wrong, but let me ask you, how many times have you sat down with a network marketer making 7-figures a month and picked his/her brain for 4 hours??

Here’s one lesson I got from this meeting…

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Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone speaks and trains on the subject of network marketing success and helps people move to a position of achieving Network Marketing Mastery®. He also consults network marketing company owners as well as coaches and trains top-level distributors throughout the profession. Todd’s candid, in-your-face approach to teaching success principles has captured the attention of literally tens of thousands of distributors worldwide who swear by his trainings and his “no frills” approach to teaching success. Todd is considered one of the hottest superstars in the training and developmental arena of network marketing. Todd is a husband to his wife Carla, and a father to his two boys Gianni and Joey. He’s a surfer, a skier, a golfer, and loves to fish and play in the outdoors.



  • Tina Williams

    Reply Reply 5 January 2014

    There are definitely others making 7 figures a month. Holton Buggs makes about 15 mill a year. That’s one off the top of my head. Dexter Yager made 7 figures a month. There’s a list out there somewhere that shows them.

  • Brian Kiplinger

    Reply Reply 5 January 2014

    Paul hit around 1.8 million a month for several months with a total exceeding $60 million in earnings with Excel. I have heard this from several sources. Pauls story is amazing. His legacy lives on through all the great leaders he developed in our industry. He will be missed, but not forgot.

  • Brenda Cawthon

    Reply Reply 5 January 2014

    Mr Buggs is amazing an I am proud to have partnered with his phenomenal organization, Organo Gold. Simplicity is key.

  • She-She Killough

    Reply Reply 6 January 2014

    I am really excited to hear what Holton says is his 4 step system!

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