The Art of Promoting for Events with Andrew Eaton

About four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Eaton at Eric Worre's Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event.  He pulled me aside and interviewed me for a few minutes on video for his audience back home in South Africa.

Right after that interview, we talked about the idea of having me speak there...and 6 months later, I found myself doing a month long speaker tour throughout all of South Africa.

I've watched Andrew grow substantially over the past few years, seeing his organization and income skyrocket. of the BIG REASONS he has done so well is how he goes about promoting for events.

Not only is Andrew Eaton one of the hardest working, most loyal and passionate network marketers I know...he's a BEAST when it comes to promoting for events and filling up rooms.

Want to know how to get more people to events?
How'd you like to DOUBLE the amount of people on your team you have at your next convention?
Want to get more people to SHOW up when you promote???

I'm sure you probably answered YES to all of those questions.  The more people you get to your events, the bigger your business will be.  The key is know what to do when it comes to promoting for events.

The video attached to this blog post is quite a bit longer than most of my video posts.'s well worth the time to listen to what Andrew has to say when it comes to promoting for events.

Todd Falcone
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