How to Build Your Belief Level in the Network Marketing Profession

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How to Build Your Belief Level in the Network Marketing Profession
  • Is Network Marketing a Real Business?
  • Are You Bold Enough to Be Successful in Network Marketing?

How to Build Your Belief Level in the Network Marketing Profession

In this training we're going to 'look under the hood' and 'check the wiring'... on your belief level about network marketing.

Think about this question for a minute...

"If you were to rate your 'level-of-belief" about network marketing (on a scale from 1-10)... #10 being you've got a HIGH level of belief in this industry. #1 being, you have a very LOW level of belief in this industry. What number would you rate yourself at?"

This is import for your success in this industry, so make sure you do this exercise right now. Cool?

Ok, great!

Now, if your number is under #8, then we've got some work to do. Now, let's get down to the MAIN issue, real fast... this all starts with CONFIDENCE!

If you're under an #8 in your belief about network marketing, then I would suggest there are TWO places to look at first...

1) Your lack of confidence in the network profession itself.

2) Your lack of confidence in yourself.

Let's first take a look at...

Is Network Marketing a Real Business?

For me when I first got started in this industry, I didn't think about this question too much. simply got after it and started going to work learning the business.

What I can tell you, is that once I got my FIRST CHECK, this business became VERY REAL to me!

So, what will it take for you to prove to yourself that network marketing is a real business?

- Is it talking with leaders in your company?

- Is it doing research and discovering that close to 5% of the population are involved in network marketing?

You have to figure this out and build your belief up in the industry. Next we've got to build up your confidence in yourself.

So, now it's all about...

Are You BOLD Enough to Be Successful in Network Marketing?

Here's 3 QUICK RULES that will help you build your confidence in yourself...

#1: Be proud of being in network marketing. Hold your head up high, and let people know what you do. When someone asks you... "is this network marketing"? Your response back should be... "yes, it is, I wouldn't be involved if it wasn't".

#2: Don't hide the fact that you're involved in the network marketing industry. Be BOLD! This increases confidence and gains the respect of the person you're talking with. It SHOWS them you believe in yourself and what you're doing. This is attractive, and it's what leaders do.

#3: Start taking massive action in your business on daily basis. One of the BEST confidence building activities is taking ACTION. Every time you talk to a prospect, work with a new team member, your confidence level goes up.

In this episode #32, It's all about how to... "How to Build Your Belief Level in the Network Marketing Profession"Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

Stay fearless,

Todd Falcone
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