How to Build a New Rep in Network Marketing

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Network Marketing.  You're in it.  You want to be successful at it.  Hey…you're even HERE and you're pursuing training to get good at it!

ALL good signs.  I urge you.  Don't be in such a big rush to go out and recruit another person if you just sponsored one today.

I'm not saying not to do it, but you now have an asset that has the capacity to grow:  your new rep.

I got another question in this past week about building with new people and how you go about doing it.

I decided to make this answer non-surgical, not at all complicated, and something everyone can understand.

Learning how to do team building in network marketing is probably more important than prospecting or recruiting is.

Well…let's just say this.

Both of these subjects, learning how to effective recruit and sponsor people, AND becoming really good at team building in network marketing, should be of HUGE interest to you.

This particular question I got from a viewer was around the area of beginning to build with a new distributor in your network marketing business.

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