How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever in 6 Easy Steps
  • The Real Secret to Creating Massive Success in Network Marketing
  • How to Launch Your Network Marketing Business Fast!

How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever in 6 Easy Steps

OK, the clock is ticking and the NEW YEAR is almost here.

In today's training, we're not messing around…

I'm giving you 6-steps to MAKE SURE you crush it in 2020!

You'll want to take action on these 6-steps right away.


Because simply ‘HOPING' you'll have a great 2020… is NOT enough.

We want to take massive action, and do it in a smart way.

This means having a PLAN that we can easily follow.

A plan that will make sure we hit our goals in the upcoming year.

You in?


Let's get started with the first thing you MUST do…

STEP #1: PRPA. You want to make your number one focus on PRPA.

PRPA stands for Personal Revenue Producing Activity.

This means you want to consistently be bringing in new customer and reps.

Do NOT go into management mode, regardless of how big your team is.

This is the absolute kiss of death in any network marketing business.

STEP #2: SPEED. Here you want to start working a little faster than the norm.

Figure out ways you can get more done in less time.

If something takes you two hours, come up with a way to do it in one hour.

I talk more about this in the training video on this page.

OK, next is…

The Real Secret to Creating Massive Success in Network Marketing

STEP #3: SKILL UP. The better your skills are, the better the results you get.

Start developing the skills you're lacking in right now.

Become good in all areas of network marketing… it's key.

STEP #4: CONNECT. Become a relationship builder.

This is the REAL secret to this business… it's all about connecting with people.

Learn to develop relationships with people.

Think of ways you can provide solutions for them.

Now, once you're doing these four steps, it's onto…

How to Launch Your Network Marketing Business Fast!

STEP #5: LAUNCH. You want to get out of the gate FAST.

Doing this will allow you to set the pace for your team.

One thing I like to do is 90-day sprints.

Push hard for 90 days, then rest a little… then hit the next 90 day's hard.

This leads me to the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do…

STEP #6: ACCOUNTABILITY. Find an accountability partner.

There's no accountability in network marketing… so you have to do it yourself.

You want to surround yourself with positive people… who help you stay accountable.

Find someone on your team you can do this with.

Once you're holding yourself to a higher standard… your business will take off!

If you don't have someone to work with, then check out our new A-TEAM program.

We're starting our next one within a few weeks.

Click here to see if A-TEAM is right for you.

Take massive action and follow these 6-steps.

Once you do, 2020 will be your best year ever!

In this episode #56, It's about… “How to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever”.

Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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