How to Recruit Professionals in Network Marketing

If you want to know the straight up TRUTH on how to recruit professionals in network marketing... you're going to find it right here in this post.

When it comes to recruiting UP, recruiting professionals in network marketing... I'm the one who started it. 

Yes. I'll take that claim without hesitation. IF you hear people talking about recruiting professionals in network marketing and using phrases like...

  • "The Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals."
  • "The Art of Recruiting Pros into your Network Marketing Business."
  • "How to Recruit Professionals into your MLM."
  • "How to Recruit UP in network marketing."
  • "How to Recruit up the Socio-Economic Chain in network marketing."
  • "Learn How to Recruit Realtors into your Network Marketing Business."

...or anything similar to that, it roots from me. Anyone else who is teaching it is following my lead. And... good for them! After all, they say that "imitation is the best form of flattery."

I'm not saying that I'm the first guy in the history of network marketing to ever think about recruiting a professional into their business... but 100% for SURE, I am the first person to ever TEACH IT in a highly public forum.

Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals (Original Version 2004)

I produced the first version called Todd Falcone's Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals Course back in 2004 as a CD training program.

I later added onto that course in 2006 by adding what was originally called Todd Falcone's Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professional's Live Dials to teach people exactly what it's like to make REAL calls to REAL people.

Remember This Simple Fact: One of the best ways of learning to do something is to WATCH someone in action.

When we added the opportunity for people to hear me make LIVE calls to REAL people, the market went nuts! 

Having someone demonstrate right in front of you makes a BIG impact on your learning curve in anything you do.

Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals-The Home Study Course (late 2006)

At the end of 2006, I added an additional element to the course which was called...

Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals Advanced Search Training...

...and we turned the course into Todd Falcone's Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals - The Home Study Course.


I found an original copy in my office closet. I keep ALL of my original work... and I hope you'd keep yours too if you ever produce any kind of intellectual property. Above is what the cover looked like in CD format.

Yea...I had a full head of hair back then, and that previous picture above with my finger over my lips bald was done on a bet because my balding friend looked like Bozo the Clown, so I shaved mine to get him to shave his. That's what good friends are for, right? 

I share this with you for one reason and one reason only. I KNOW how to recruit professionals in network marketing! I've been doing it for decades.

How and Why I Got into Recruiting Professionals into My Network Marketing Business

I Started By Doing Old School Network Marketing. Yep...that stuff.

I started in network marketing in 1989 and was taught the way almost everyone who starts in network marketing is taught.

"Todd...make the biggest list you can using this Memory Jogger and come up with a list of at least 100 names of people that you want to share this product or business with to get you started."

I call it the 'Old School' way, because it is.

Yep... still works. Maybe not for me so much being a 22 year old kid at the time, but starting that way is still super valid.

Think about it for a second. If you found the PERFECT BUSINESS for you, who would YOU want to bring in and share it with, your besties or a bunch of strangers? If you really believed in it, you'd want your buddies to be in it with you. That's normal.

I did it that way in the beginning... like most people do, and started blowing through my warm market as a young, inexperienced kid and starting making calls. In my case, being 22 at the time, I literally only sponsored ONE of my warm market people. My high school buddy Tom was the first and ONLY warm market person to join me in my network marketing business.

Your age, your surroundings, and what you do and who you do it with are a significantly determining factor in how EFFECTIVE your personal warm market is going to be in building your network marketing business.

A Powerful Teaching Moment on this Concept of Recruiting Pros... Warm Markets Vary with Age and Experience.

A 22-year old kid who spends time surfing all day and drinking at the bars all night is probably hanging out with the same kind of people.

On the other hand, a 42-year old real estate agent is very likely a home owner, probably a parent... and has significantly greater responsibilities as well as life experience than that 22-year old version of him/herself. The people they surround themselves with are quite different than when they were 22.

When you sink in the FACT that LIKE ATTRACTS'll more clearly understand why I'm so excited about Recruiting Professionals in network marketing.

Back to My Story...

Because I got such a shoddy start with my personal warm market, I had to very quickly (almost immediately) begin to adapt cold market recruiting strategies.

From 1989 to 1992, I ran ads in newspapers every single week to generate leads for my business. I ran ads in the Orange County Register and LA Times to generate prospects for my business. It was a MASSIVE sorting game... and VERY expensive.

My Start with Working Leads Led Me to Recruiting Professionals...

In December of 2005, I joined a company called ProSTEP, which was a network marketing lead generation company. They were ahead of their time...and were the DOMINANT lead generation network marketing company for about 10 years. I was with them from the beginning to the end. During that time, I worked literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of leads.

It worked. I sponsored close to 1000 people during that time frame... all of them from LEADS. But...

"...when you work purchased leads or those you generate on your own, you NEVER know what you're going to get. You could get a super sharp person, or someone who is totally clueless and not worth your time...the latter being the norm."

I actually tell this story in a bit more detail and provide a TON of training on this whole method of recruiting professionals on a FREE WEBINAR I do that runs several times a week.

A Pathetic Day of Prospecting Led Me to Recruiting Professionals

Ever have a bad day prospecting? too!!

Most of you will get to a point where you finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Where the heck are all the GOOD people at?

I remember sitting in my office in Monterey, California working leads and sorting through TONS of people to find ONE GOOD ONE. I thought to myself, "Where's all the people like me? Where are the hard working talented people that can carry on a conversation and have some DRIVE?"

That day was full of No-Shows, horrible sounding people, flakes and flat out people I would never want to sponsor into my business. You get to a point this profession where the only thing you want to do is talk to GOOD people.

After you've made hundreds of reach outs in this profession, you know the difference between an AMAZING SOUNDING PROSPECT and one you want to run from as quickly as possible.

It's not Rocket Science. We're talent scouts.

NOTE: If you were starting a professional football team, would you go recruit the guy on the corner of the street sucking down a coke and a 12-pack of Twinkies or would you search for super-skilled athletes that already play football?

You know the answer... and it's exactly what led me in this direction. I got tired of talking to deadbeat prospects that didn't have two-pennies to scratch together and a personality similar to a stump. So...I started recruiting professionals.

I started recruiting REALTORS first. Why? I found a Magazine on my desk called Homes and Land Magazine, which is filled with real estate people.

I thought...

​"Hmmm...realtors. They're all hard working. They're outgoing. They work on commissions...and they are self-starters. Whose to say they would or wouldn't be open to another way of making money? The only way for me to find out is to ask." 

So... I started asking... and asking... and asking.

The very beginning of this, which for me probably started around 1997 or 1998, was based on my frustration with sorting through leads. I still did it for YEARS...and I got results with it, but not in the way I did with recruiting pros.

What most people think is the path of LEAST resistance (talking to their broke friends and family) is actually the path of GREATEST resistance. We all think it's easier and less intimidating talking to our buddies than it is talking to that 'super successful' person you know in life.

Talking to high level professional people is actually way easier... and far more productive. Get this in your head. Successful people are successful for a REASON. They get after it. They're action takers. They DO things.

 And... once you reach some level of success in your life, you don't all of a sudden shut your mind to being open to other opportunities. fact, as your success grows, so does your OPENNESS to other great opportunities coming into your life.

Once I started recruiting realtors... which led to mortgage people, which led to insurance professionals, sales professionals... and other categories, people were BEGGING me to teach it to them. I was flat CRUSHING it bringing PROS into my business. And...I didn't want to teach it to ANYONE.

My sponsor was asking me how I was getting so many realtors and other professionals into my business. My downline asked. Sideline people pulled me aside at events and asked. I kept my lips SHUT.

No... I'm not stingy. But... I have enough experience in this profession to know that every strategy does not have unlimited capacity. I ran multiple ad co-ops in the past that we imploded by putting too many people in them.

I didn't want my pond to get out-fished, so I shut my mouth and didn't say a word to anyone.

My 'Research Study' and my Friend Anthony is Why You Even Hear About the Whole Idea of Recruiting Professionals

I finally went to the U.S. Department of Labor website and did my own little 'Research Study' and found that there were so many millions of people in the US and abroad... that were moving IN and THROUGH these career categories that I was reaching out to... that there was no way that in a million years that I could ever run out of professional people to talk to about my business. That... and my friend Anthony who was on my team and literally BEGGING me to teach this to him is why you're hearing about this today.

Anthony hopped on the phone with me and listened to me for an hour doing calls to professionals. He was FLOORED to hear the QUALITY of their voices, their RESPONSIVENESS to being open, and how much EASIER it seemed than everything else he was doing.

The only problem was... one phone call with him listening wasn't going to cut it. If he was going to understand how to do it, I had to lay out this entire method for him so he could replicate it.

He heard me ask the question, "Do you at all keep your options open in terms of making money outside of what you are currently doing in the _________ profession?" But... it wasn't enough for him to GET it.

That's when I first put together the original course, Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals and started teaching it... and continue to do today.

I'd highly recommend jumping on one of my webinars this week so you can fully understand this method. It's a pre-recorded webinar that I did live that replays several times a week. can catch it at the time that's convenient for you.

Key Factors in Recruiting Professionals into your Network Marketing Business

#1: Talent Scouting is Better than Dumpster Diving.  Recruiting people who have a proven track record of productive activities in life is a good indicator of future behavior. Past history oftentimes (most, in fact) determines future. Yes... people change, but going after those who already have a proven track record of success in life puts the odds in your favor

#2: You Don't Have to Be Good, Experienced or Already Successful to Recruit Pros. Some of you reading this are thinking, "Why would a successful person listen to ME?

I've never made that much money in life. I'm not super successful already. Why would they follow me?"The truth is that YOU aren't the issue... unless you make yourself the issue.

Your BUSINESS, your PRODUCT are the issue... While they join YOU in your business, they get in because the BUSINESS and the PRODUCT makes sense to them. The garage I worked in where I got to my first $10,000+ Residual Check.


The garage I worked in where I got to my first $10,000+ Residual Check.

One of the MOST POWERFUL CONCEPTS you will EVER LEARN is something that deals with the concept of PERCEPTION. What you PROJECT becomes that person's reality of who YOU are. It's BIG TIME powerful! 

I'm not going to explain it here, but it's exactly how I got to $10,000 a month working out of a garage recruiting professionals...and I was BROKEYou
NEED to see the webinar to understand this concept
...and you need to put it to use NOW. Remember the word PERCEPTION when you attend the webinar and be sure to clue in what I say about it.

#3: There's Massive Power in Asking the Right Question to the Right Audience. I spent about 6-years modifying how I did things when it came to recruiting pros and coming up with the right question to ask that yielded the best results. Through trial-and-error, I came up with the PERFECT QUESTION to ask a professional...and I teach it to you in my webinar.

If you never ask a professional to look, none will ever join. If you ask a bad or ineffective question, you'll get mediocre results. If you ask the RIGHT question to the RIGHT audience REPEATEDLY, you'll get maximum results over and over again.

#4: Not All Professionals are Created Equal. There are certain categories of professionals that are easier to reach than others. Some are more receptive than others. This is called Prospect Profiling...going after those who are more likely to be successful in network marketing if they choose to do it.

The categories of professionals that I prefer to prospect have specific things in common with what we do in network marketing. In other words, they're already doing a lot of the things we do in network marketing, they're just doing it someplace else!

A) The primary thing they do in their daily job or occupation is they SELL for a living or are in some type of leadership position.

B) They get paid commissions or are paid on their personal production.

C) They have a moderate to high tolerance for risk.

In network marketing, we're paid on our production, we're in a sales capacity...and yes, I believe we have a little risk tolerance. After all, we're doing something that we probably didn't plan on doing when we were growing up...and it's a bit different than what most people do for a living.

You see? Certain categories of professionals have A LOT in common with what we do in network marketing...which makes them PERFECT candidates for this profession.

#5: You can Do this Offline, Online, Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

When you attend my webinar, you'll hear stories from a few people who do this in different ways.

You can do this on the Phone... and YES it absolutely still works today! Professionals are one of the FEW people today that almost ALWAYS answer their phones and return calls. If you're a realtor, a professional sales person, a Marketing Director...or any of they other categories I focus on, you pick up your phone! It's what you do! They're in business to DO business!

You can do this Globally and on Social Media. These methods of recruiting up are universal and work all over the world. If you build a global business, build in multiple countries, or love building on LinkedIn and works.

You can do it in your Backyard and Recruit Locally. The great thing about recruiting talent is that talent is everywhere, when you know what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do when you find it!

Meet Jim Tanner.

This is my friend Jim Tanner.  He started following me many years ago and started his Cold Market Prospecting journey by plugging into a few of my trainings, including Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals.
He's flat told me on MANY occasions that he has built virtually his ENTIRE BUSINESS by recruiting professionals the way I teach it. Built His Business Recruiting Pros.

"Before learning your Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals, I was driving a truck full time and not making much progress in my network marketing business. I've literally built my entire business to over 6-figures by recruiting professionals into my business."

Jim Tanner - Built his business recruiting pros!

Meet Andrew Eaton from South Africa.

My buddy Andrew Eaton here is also someone who adopted this method.  He took ONE concept from my course and applied it onto LinkedIn and has now recruited well over 200 people personally.

He lives in South Africa and has recruited all over the world using this method.  This method I teach can easily be done on both LinkedIn and Facebook for those of you who prefer to build your business online. 

"Todd... I took just one thing you said form your teaching on recruiting professionals and started applying it on LinkedIn and have personally recruited over 200 reps into my business."


Andrew Eaton - Built his business recruiting pros!

Meet Jeff Morrell from Colorado.

Here's another one of my students who plugged into my course. He's actually a former realtor himself. 

And... used this method to retire from real estate and do network marketing full-time. He built his business recruiting professionals in his LOCAL market. 

"Your program works unbelievably well. I got it instantly. About 40 to 50% of the people I show it to are signing up into my business. In's working so well that I haven't even had time to get back to my warm list!"


Jeff Morrell - Built his business recruiting pros!

Are you Ready to Start Recruiting Professionals into your Business?

Every network marketer on the planet is looking for TALENT. You can either recruit that talent...or develop it, and you need to be doing both.  I get that the idea of "Recruiting Up' can seem a bit scary... but once you GET it and UNDERSTAND not only the power behind it, but HOW TO DO IT, you'll be all over it, and wonder why you haven't been specifically focusing on recruiting talent from the very beginning.
There are countless stories from clients of mine that have fully embraced this concept and gone on to flat CRUSH IT in their business that I don't have time to put into this already pretty lengthy post.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I got this unsolicited text from my friend Rachel who is an amazing human being and top earner in her company who has two of her three brothers 'Prospecting Up' and getting great results. Here's a screenshot from her text to me.
I'd love for you to be the next success story in recruiting professionals for your network marketing business!
It's fun bringing great people onto your team... and going through the process of engaging with high-quality people is a far more rewarding journey than trying to twist your buddy's arm or convincing someone against their will that they should join you on your journey.

The Two Main Things We Do in Network Marketing: Prospecting and Team Building

The #1 activity that leads to revenue in this profession is prospecting. That will never change. Your ability to recruit new reps and acquire customers is at the top of the priority list in terms of skills you need to develop as a network marketers. You might as well recruit talent if you're going to recruit at all.
Secondly...your Team Building and Leadership skills come into play, but they only follow when you have the ability to personally enroll people into your business. You never get the chance to lead or build a team in depth if you can effectively enroll people yourself.
If what I am sharing with you makes sense, feel free to hop on one of my webinars this week on Recruiting Pros. If you are fired up and ready to learn this method based on what you just read. Click here to register for my upcoming webinar right away.

Either now know the history behind the art of recruiting professionals and have some insights on how to do it better.

About the Author Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone speaks and trains on the subject of network marketing success and helps people move to a position of achieving Network Marketing Mastery®. He also consults network marketing company owners as well as coaches and trains top-level distributors throughout the profession. Todd is a husband to his wife Carla, and a father to his two boys Gianni and Joey. He’s a surfer, a skier, a golfer, and loves to fish and play in the outdoors. Start accelerating your network marketing business today, download Todd's latest CHEAT SHEET on this page.

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