Interview with MMA Fighter Boyd Allen

While on my speaking tour in South Africa, I bumped into MMA Fighter Boyd Allen while working out in the gym.  He was kind enough to sit down with me for a short interview...and much of what he said that has led him to success as a fighter can be directly applied to what we do as entrepreneurs every day.

Boyd Allen is a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter (MMA) with a record of 15-3-1.
He started his amateur boxing career at teh age of 18 and moved into Mixed Martial Arts.

He fights in the EFC, the Extreme Fighting Championship, which is the South African version of the UFC in America.  He was the EFC Feather Weight Champion a year or ago...and has some great things to share in this poolside interview at the Little Tuscany Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg.  By the way...if you ever visit Johannesburg, I highly recommend staying at this amazing little Oasis right in the middle of the city!!


Here's some things MMA Fighter Boyd Allen had to say in the interview that directly apply to success in ANYTHING:  

"Discipline and Consistency.  Make sure you have a plan and a goal.  Without a plan and goal, it's pretty pointless.  You need to put it down on paper!"

How about defeats or setbacks?  How do you recover?

"A bad day is every second or third day in the gym.  You get taken down and you can't get back up.  You're tired and worn out.  You feel your muscles burning.  But...either I'm going to make it to the top or I'm going to stay in the middle and be average."

It's ok to lose at practice or in the gym, but not during a fight.  Fine to lose in practice.  The only way to win is to put yourself in an uncomfortable position.  Come fight night, you'll get the result you want."

How much time do you spend practicing and preparing?

"I train about 6 hours a day practicing and preparing.  It's not just all just training.  The mental side is important too.  Nutrition is a big thing.  Without good nutrition, your energy levels go fast.  The little steps make the biggest difference.  Everything you do in the micro steps is what counts.  Know what you're going up against.  Don't go in blind.  Prepare for your opponents."

What's one solid suggestion thats served you well that my listeners can benefit from?

"Expect setbacks.  Prepare for them.  Grind hard every day until you reach your goal.  A healthy body is a healthy mind.  When you feel good, you perform well."

Boyd Allen's success as a fighter is much like the success people have in every line of work.

Discipline, planning, preparation, hard work, recovering from setbacks...and a specific plan of action, a goal.

Thanks you to MMA Fighter Boyd Allen for the interview and the opportunity to train with you in the gym.  And...a special thank you to Brandon over at the Little Tuscany Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg for your hospitality and helping make this interview happen.

Todd Falcone
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