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Todd Falcone teaches independent network marketing and direct sales professionals how to go about building their businesses.

He focuses on everything from the fundamentals of beginning a home business in network marketing to very advanced online and offline strategies, as well as leadership development and accountability for entrepreneurs.

Here is a brief biography of Todd Falcone.

His speaking style is direct, raw, real and funny. Todd’s style reflects his individuality and is described as “intense,” “fun,” “honest,” and “as real as it gets.” Todd has his audiences learning and laughing at the same time.

Todd covers topics from the very advanced all the way down to the basic fundamentals of building a network marketing business, depending on the audience and the need.

He has presented to hundreds of audiences both domestically and abroad, including regional, national and international corporate conventions, local events hosted by leading distributors, conference calls, webinars, as well as his own live trainings conducted throughout the year.

If you are looking for a speaker that knows how to build a network marketing business, Todd Falcone is the best choice.

He is one of an extremely small group of trainers on the circuit today that not only train on the subject, but who has actually BUILT several large organizations. Believe it or not, there actually are many trainers who teach network marketing but haven’t actually done it.
Todd has developed organizations in the tens of thousands in five different companies during the 20-year span of his active career as a distributor in the field. Todd now invests all of his time teaching and training the exact same strategies and principles that led him to success.

Not only is Todd a speaker, he is a speaker from very real and successful experience as a distributor in the field of network marketing. In other words, he didn’t just go read a book on network marketing and decide to speak on the subject, he’s lived it.
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Network Marketing Fundamentals
If you’ve ever built in the field, you know how frustrating it can be to learn something in your third year that you ‘wish’ you’d have known in your first week. Todd does a superb job of making sure people understand the basics of this business. He teaches on things like assembling your list, making your first contact, the critical importance of prospecting, setting up your office properly, conducting 3-way calls, addressing fear, establishing beliefs, operating from a success mindset, following scripts, asking for referrals, the importance of following success and tons more. Todd’s own experience makes him highly qualified to discuss and train on the subjects that ALL network marketers go through as they begin building.
Prospecting Skill Development
Todd’s belief as he often says in his trainings is this, “There’s only one way to the money in this business…and it’s exposure. Prospecting is the single most important activity that leads to revenue in network marketing.” If you are involved in network marketing, you simply cannot disagree with that statement. Because prospecting is such a critical element in determining one’s success in network marketing, Todd devotes a lot of his time teaching people to become more effective while prospecting. Todd covers every angle of prospecting, including piquing, rapport building and connecting, follow up, overcoming objections, and closing. He addresses literally every angle of the distributor experience.
Warm Market, Cold Market and Referral Marketing
Todd teaches a powerful approach to contacting the warm market that allows people to maximize their production while minimizing anxiety and reluctance. Warm Market prospecting is still and always will be a vitally important element in building both a foundation as well as a lasting business in network marketing. He also teaches a variety of cold market prospecting techniques including how to work leads effectively, how to generate prospects in your local market, how to build regionally and nationally, how to network, and how to advertise and write effective copy. Todd also teaches people Referral Marketing Strategies by showing people how to operate and act in order to create an environment that is conducive to creating a referral. Whether you want Todd to speak about warm market, cold market or referral marketing, he can customize a presentation to meet your needs.
Recruiting Up
Todd is very well-known throughout the network marketing profession as THE guy who teaches people how to recruit talent. Todd has a very powerful approach that teaches people exactly how to find talented people as well as what to say to them to get their attention. This is his specialty. In network marketing, people are looking to sponsor quality, talented people who have the willingness and the capacity to do what we do in network marketing. Todd teaches a proven method for approaching people “up” the socio-economic chain who already essentially do what we do in network marketing and get paid the way we get paid, they’re just doing it someplace else…at least until YOU get a hold of them! This is the most in-demand subject that Todd is asked to speak on by top network marketers in the field as well as company owners seeking his training.
Online and Social Media Marketing
The Internet is a very powerful vehicle for building relationships. Todd understands clearly that you can’t just sit at your computer and hope and wait for things to happen. He clearly understands the power of the Internet, but also realizes that one cannot solely rely on a squeeze page, an auto-responder or an ad to get the job done. He teaches people how to blend the ‘technology’ of the Internet, the high-tech side, with the high-touch side of relationship building. On the social media front, Todd teaches individuals to operate properly under the umbrella of social media platforms so they are attracting rather than repelling people in their efforts.
Rapport Building and Connecting
The essence of any relationship is trust. People don’t buy from or do business with those they don’t like and trust. The key to developing trust is by understanding the rapport building process. Todd is a certified NLP Practitioner and is also certified in the use of Hypnotic Language Patterns and holds his certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis. He layers the concept of rapport building into all that he does, as well as teaches it specifically.
Being an entrepreneur requires an individual to become personally accountable and responsible for all of their action or inaction. Todd shows people how to move into a position of being “totally accountable” for their actions. This subject is something that most people glaze over in trainings. Todd knows that the average person coming into network marketing is coming from an “employed” mentality where someone else holds them accountable. He shows people exactly how to move into a position of being “self”-employed so they can guarantee sucess as an entrepreneur.
Leadership Development
At some point in a network marketer’s career, there comes a time when they must “step up” to the occasion and be the leader their team is looking for for guidance and vision. Todd shows growing distributors how to move into a leadership role and all that it requires. Book Todd to Speak And Many, Many More – There is a huge variety of subjects that Todd teaches that are not on this list. If it involves network marketing and what it takes to succeed as a distributor in the field, he’s done it…and he teaches it. So, if you have something you want Todd to teach that you don’t see it on this page, just ask.
"What Top Professionals Are Saying About Todd Falcone..."

"Todd’s integrity and professionalism are what this industry is all about. I love the fact that Todd’s main goal is to help Network Marketers grow their business." 

"Todd is able to breakdown the essentials of sales and business building into a form that allows people of all levels to become masterful producers."

"Todd’s expertise lies in the fact that he has experienced network marketing from the distributor side – and he’s a great teacher. His strategies are relevant."

"Todd Falcone is one of the best network marketers I know. He is a prospecting pro and knows EXACTLY what it takes to massively succeed in network marketing."

“Todd Falcone was instrumental in teaching me how to prospect. He is a machine…and can teach anyone how to get better results while prospecting.” 

"My biggest success in Network Marketing has always come from recruiting professional people.  And…Todd is the MASTER at teaching people how to do it!.”

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