MLM Leads: What Happens AFTER Warm Market?

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MLM Leads:  What Happens AFTER Warm Market?

Occasionally, I take questions from my listeners and viewers and take the time to respond to them on video.  You may have heard me say before that your “list IS your business.”  If you have no one to talk to…you're not going to do very much, and neither is your business.

In this video, I answer a question from Gary who wanted to know a bit more about list building after one has gone through their warm market list.  Here's a few ideas for you Gary…and all those who watch this!

Whatever you do…here this.  You MUST be involved in some REGULAR activity that generates new MLM leads, and builds NEW relationships in this business.  Whether it is networking groups, advertising, purchasing leads…whatever it is, you cannot sit on your laurels and hope that stuff happens.  It doesn't.

Be proactive in your lead generation and relationship building activities…and do it in MORE than one way.  Don't ever rely on a single lead generation tool to grow your business.

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