Network Marketing Presentation: In-Person or Video?

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Giving a good network marketing presentation is one of the MOST important parts of the recruiting and prospecting process.  I'd rank it right up there with us needing oxygen to breath!  Yes…it's THAT important!

Delivering a solid network marketing presentation should be a MAJOR priority for you.  It's a big investment of time drumming up new business and identifying someone who is interested in creating a change!  A shoddy presentation that isn't well thought out will simply have your prospects running for the hills…the polar opposite of what you want happening.

Network Marketing Presentation: In-Person or Video?

I was asked a question recently regarding the “ideal” network marketing presentation:

“Todd…should I deliver my network marketing presentation live and in person…or would it be better to simply send them a video?”

Great question…and here's my opinion on the subject.

Here's the SHORT and direct answer.  If you can SEE a person and sit down with them…it's likely a better choice.  Nothing replaces that one-to-one connection.  If your prospect is within reasonable driving distance…AND you feel that person is a good prospect for your business, I'd see them in person if at all possible.

What?  Did I go back to the ‘Dark Ages” just now??  Is that too ‘Old School' for some of you reading this to deal with??

Look.  I LOVE technology.  But…I love RESULTS even more.  To me…there is nothing that will EVER replace being able to shake someone's hand, sit with them eyeball-to-eyeball and create that real HUMAN connection.  It's simply superior to everything else out there.

I'm not at all knocking the use of tools and technology.  In fact…I'd still suggest using tools to do the presenting FOR you, even if you choose to sit down with them.

The idea here isn't to get you to do manual presentations, one-to-one and spend your time driving all over the place meeting with people.  But…

If you feel that you have a rock solid prospect that is in your backyard and in reasonable driving distance from you, AND you're able to schedule a time to actually SEE them, I'd do it.

Use your Tools to Do the Presenting FOR you!

Here's the FLIP-SIDE to that question.

We don't always have the chance to sit down with someone one-to-one to deliver our network marketing presentation.  Sometimes distance, scheduling and other factors get in the way.  In a LOT of cases…you will NOT be sitting down with people one-to-one.  A BIG portion of your presenting to people will very likely be getting them to a tool that your company uses to present your network marketing business:  website, video, webinar, Facebook Live, conference call, etc.

If you can sit down with someone and you feel they are the right prospect…AND they are close to you, go see them.

If they are a long distance prospect or it's simply not convenient to sit down, use your tools.

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