Network Marketing Tips: Take a Vacation, Make More Money

Network Marketing Tips:  Why “Thinking” Vacation will Lead you to Greater Production and a Bigger Check

One of the simplest network marketing tips is this.  You ready?

Take a vacation!  Yes…go on the trip of a lifetime!!

Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it?

Wait??  What?  That's a network marketing tip???

Yes…kinda.  Here's the deal.  You know as well as I do that you get a ton more done right before you leave for vacation.

You know the routine.  You are leaving in three days to take your family to the Bahamas.

You have to tie up all sorts of lose ends.  There's the dog that needs sitting, the fish need fed, the gardener needs his check, the mail needs stopped…your team requires your attention, the veggies taken from the fridge.

There's LOTS to do when you're leaving.

So much gets done by most people the last few days before they're sitting on the beach drinking a Mai Tai that you'd think they were ALWAYS like that.

It's like, “Wow!  Look at Sally GO.  She's the most productive, efficient, get it done girl I've ever seen!  Look at how much she has accomplished in three days alone!”

Problem is this.  Sally only works like that because she is going on vacation.  The rest of the time she's quite a bit slower and less efficient in the way she works.  Interestingly enough though, when she WANTS to, she sure can get after it like nobody's business.

Sally by the way is a fictional character.  If your name is Sally, don't take offense.  This isn't about you, unless it is.

Why can't you work like that ALL the time?  Or…at the very least, MOST of the time??

How much more would you get done?
How much better would you feel about your business?
How fast would it be growing?

I mean…you sure can get it done right before you leave.  If that's the case, why not ALWAYS be that way?

So…one of the very best network marketing tips I could ever give you is this.  Work every day as if you are going on vacation tomorrow.

In fact…that's a LIFE tip for simply getting more done in less time.

Simple.  Easy to do.  Anyone can implement it.  And…there is a 100% chance that you will accomplish more by operating this way.

Just a thought….

Todd Falcone
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