1 Paperback Edition


This book helps you create better connections, invite with ease, obliterate objections, follow up and close like a pro.



Fearless Networking gets straight to the point and explains how to overcome and master the biggest problems people face while prospecting.

It demonstrates how to create better connections and build strong relationships, invite with ease and do so fearlessly, easily obliterate objections, master follow up and close like a pro!

Readers are instructed on how to build a foundation of success, understand why we buy and get people started right to ensure long-term success in network marketing.

Here’s a little overview on what’s inside this amazing book and training tool:

Chapter 1: The Foundation of Your Success – In this chapter you'll discover how to let your beliefs be your guide. I'll also share with you the SIX WAYS to build beliefs so that you're able to totally CRUSH IT in your network marketing business.

Chapter 2: Understanding Why People Buy – Here you'll discover what makes people like and trust you (and ultimately buy from you).  Once you know this you'll find it becomes very easy to GET MORE PEOPLE into your network marketing business.

Chapter 3: Break the Ice and Build Rapport – Imagine being able to walk into a room and confidently start talking with anyone in there. This is a KEY to attracting fresh NEW PROSPECTS into your business. I'll show you how to become a rapport building PRO!

Chapter 4: Simple and Effective Invites – Now it's time to start INVITING people to your presentations. Here you'll get my sample warm market invite and my all-time favorite question to ask (you're going to love this one).  Inviting people to look at your network marketing business just got easier.

Chapter 5: Giving Better Presentations – In this chapter I'll teach you how to BECOME A BETTER PRESENTER so you're able to captivate your prospects and move them to the next step in your process. Using this method to present better allows you to get more signups and close more business QUICKLY.

Chapter 6: GAINING CONTROL OF Your Follow up – Find out what they need and give it to them. You'll also learn what happens during a follow up and what happens if they “NO SHOW”. Knowing these strategies puts you in control of the follow up process so you're not wasting your time.

Chapter 7: Overcoming Common Objections – Now we'll look at how professionals treat objections. I'll cover how to correctly use the FEEL-FELT-FOUND method. Plus you'll discover how to handle the 20 MOST COMMON OBJECTIONS so you can easily overcome them and move your prospect into action FAST – like a true pro does!

Chapter 8: How to Close Like a Pro – Here we'll dive deep into some very simple and powerful closing techniques. PLUS I'll share with you my FOUR TIPS to better closing ratios. Imagine how it's going to feel when you're able to easily close you prospect and help them to achieve their goals.

Chapter 9: Getting People Started Right – At this point you'll have your beliefs on track, your prospecting on track and your presentation skills off the charts. Using all these new strategies and tactics you'll now be closing more people into your business faster than ever before. Now that this is happening for you, I'm going to give my SIX STEPS for creating SUCCESS with your NEW REPS.