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A recording of Todd’s 3-day in depth Network Marketing Mastery event.


The Network Marketing Mastery Event is a recording of Todd’s 3-day Live Seminar that shows you how to become a better network marketer, by having a full understating of this profession, what it has to offer, and what’s required in order to achieve success in it.

During this recorded 3-day event that you’ll now have access to, here’s a little outline of some of the topics that are covered during this training:

  • The History and Roots of Direct Selling
  • Statistics and trends directly from the DSA
  • How to Give a Powerful Testimony
  • Understanding Network Marketing Terms and Definitions
  • Understanding the Industry at Large
  • Team Building Philosophies
  • Getting to Know your Upline
  • How to Pick a Company
  • What to Look for in a Leadership Team
  • Becoming a Knowledgeable Entrepreneur
  • The FDA, the FTC and the DSA
  • How to Run, Grow and Operate a Successful Business
  • Creating a Space in your Life for the Business
  • Creating the Ultimate Home Office
  • Edification for Pros
  • Leveraging through Leadership
  • Knowing WHO to Show up as
  • Personal Responsibility and What it Means
  • Developing Belief
  • Building your Business on a Solid Foundation
  • Building on Enthusiasm
  • How your Attitude Impacts your Check
  • Affirmation Exercises
  • Surrounding yourself with Success
  • Maintaining your Motivation
  • Mapping your Goals
  • Conquering your Fears Once and for All
  • Operating from Expanded Awareness
  • Sensory Acuity and Rapport Building Basics
  • Understanding Representational Systems
  • Matching and Mirroring for Better Rapport
  • Six Simple Steps to Maximize a Connection
  • Finding your Ideal Candidate
  • Warm Market Prospecting
  • How to Maximize Referrals
  • Cold Marketing
  • Live Dialing
  • Active versus Passive Recruiting
  • Methods of Attraction and Presentation
  • Being a Powerful Storyteller
  • Components of a Great Story
  • Three-Way Calling the Right Way
  • Follow up versus Chasing
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Ten Strategies for Raising a Winner

The Network Marketing Mastery Event training is the full recording of this live seminar Todd conducted in front over 200 people that you now have available to listen to over and over again to solidify your skills, knowledge and expertise as a network marketing professional.


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