Sponsor more people, have more fun and make more money.



Sponsoring Success Series is designed to help you have more fun, reduce your fears and sponsor more people into your network marketing business from the perspective of what Todd personally does when he recruits new people.

Whether you have experience in network marketing or none at all, this recorded TeleSeminar series teaches you how to be a better sponsor.

This training is from the perspective of what was going on in Todd’s mind as he began achieving success in network marketing.  The way he trains during this series gives you an “inside look” into his thought processes and decision points along his active career in network marketing, so you can more clearly understand why things worked out so well for him…and that YOU can take these unique perspectives and apply them to your business.

Here’s what Todd shares with you during the Sponsoring Success Series:

  • Why Todd gets huge results with professionals. 
  • How to never sound like a tele-marketer or sales person. 
  • How to blast through leads to get to the cream of the crop. 
  • How and Why Todd gets referrals easily and effortlessly. 
  • How to recruit your warm market and still keep your friends. 
  • How to move away from your script and sound more conversational. 
  • How to sound like a pro even when your business isn’t going well. 
  • Why Todd gets more follow ups to show up than most people do. 
  • How to recruit people on Facebook without alienating people.  
  • How to work Trade Shows or Mixers the right way.  
  • How to master the art of recruiting people as you live your life. 

Sponsoring Success Series provides a unique perspective from someone who struggled for two years before finally making his business work…and his now known as one of the leading trainers in the entire network marketing profession.