Why You Need to Read Your Policies and Procedures

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why You Need to Read Your Policies and Procedures
  • Putting Your Network Marketing Business at Risk
  • Playing by the Rules and Securing Your business

Why You Need to Read Your Policies and Procedures

It was 3:00pm on a Tuesday afternoon when Mr X took the call.

The caller let him know, they decided to terminate him from the company.

He was shocked...

Couldn't believe it...

Panic set in...

How am I going to pay this month mortgage...

What are we going to do for money...

The car payments...

He thought to himself...

If I had only read the policies and procedures, this would not have happened.

Here's the kicker...

Mr X didn't even know he was out of compliance with his company...

Until it was too late.

Quick question for you...

How many times have you "agreed" to something without reading the details?

This is very common for the average person.

Today, I want to talk about protecting your business and getting smarter.

I don't want what happened to Mr X... to happen to you!

Putting Your Network Marketing Business at Risk

When we first join a network marketing company, we receive a starter kit.

We all get these and most toss them aside.

Inside these kits are your polices and procedures for the company.

You want to take some time and read through these.

Smart business people do this.

They want to know the rules-of-the-road.

What can they do...

What can't they do...

Knowing this information can...

Save you time...

Save you money...

Save your downline...

Save your entire business.

That's why it critical you're...

Playing by the Rules and Securing Your business

Not all companies play by the same rules.

I know of one company (that's 30 years old) it's very strict.

You can't even mention the name in your ads, or on social media.

You want to know what's allowed and not allowed.

This way you're always in compliance and safe.

Another fun fact.

Did you know that some companies will not let you be in other MLM's?

That right there alone could get your checks pulled.

Be smart, read and know your policies and procedures.

Teach your team to do the same, so you'll never have to worry putting your checks at risk.

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Stay fearless,

Todd Falcone
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