Religion, Politics and Network Marketing

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Religion, Politics and Network Marketing

What happens when you bring politics and network marketing together?  You spew your left-wing or right-wing views amongst your team or people that follow you…and what happens?  You inevitably alienate half of your audience that has opposing views.  Fine for politics…not so good for business.

I typically don't bring politics and religion into network marketing.  Why?  In a business that attracts people from all walks of life, I just don't think it's the place to stir up the political or religious pot and get one side rallying against the other when the purpose of that group being together is to grow a business.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with political and/or religious discussions and debates in the right arena.  I just don't see a place for it in network marketing.

So…here's the purpose of my post.  Do you think either “fit” into the mainstream way of doing things in network marketing?

People get up on stage all the time in different venues and thank their Creator, give thanks to God Almighty, or whoever they believe in…and while it may rub some of the non-believers in the audience the wrong way, most people don't freak out over an individual's right to express themselves.

And…of course, we ALL have the right to express ourselves.  However, sometimes those expressions impact our business in a manner that isn't conducive to growth.

For example…if you ran a website or a publication that served the mass audience of network marketers and direct sellers…and then went on a rampage insulting people who had certain beliefs, and even TELLING THEM, “if you believe in such and such, then unfriend me now”…you're likely to have lots of people take offense to that.

I witnessed that the other day.  In fact…I did unfriend the person, not because of my religious beliefs per se, but the fact that it was so grossly offensive to so many people.  I elaborate a bit more on this pretty touchy subject in this video, and would welcome your feedback as to where religion and/or politics fits into network marketing, if at all.

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