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Hear stories from people who have been exposed to Todd and learn about the impact his training and mentoring has had on their business and their lives!

"I have had the privilege of knowing Todd for the last several years. Todd is a true "Master Networker." He brings new meaning to the word "posture." His training and leadership skills are at the top of our industry."

- Jeffery Combs, President & CEO Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.

"I have known Todd Falcone for over 10 years. He is a super achiever who does everything to a standard of excellence that the rest of us measure ourselves against. He has consistently been one of the top income earners not only in the opportunity we promote together, but in the MLM industry as well. He has demonstrated incredible leadership skills, and has trained and coached thousands of individuals over the years. Its truly an honor to have Todd as a friend and colleague. If you want to earn money in MLM, find someone who is already doing so, and simply learn what it is that they are doing. Todd is the kind of guy who will teach you everything he knows, and then some. People like Todd are few and far between. If you have a chance to learn from him, take it. You will never regret it, and you'll be glad you did."

- Andrew Hummel, Co-Founder Wealth Builders International

"Todd Falcone is the ultimate MLM Pro! He not only is 110% dedicated to the team, but demonstrates his leadership every day by setting the example. Todd works tirelessly with his team giving them every bit of his knowledge, experience and work ethic. If I were new to MLM and looking for a sponsor that could really teach me how to make $100k per year, Todd Falcone would be my first choice - hands down!"

- Jim Lewis, Co-Founder, Wealth Builders International

"Todd Falcone's insights, perspectives, and business building strategies are powerful and effective. After years of knowing of the Gold Mine that was buried in the confines of his mind, I'm glad that he has decided to expose these nuggets to network marketers worldwide to benefit from... Go, Go, Go!!!"

- Jerry "DRhino" Clark,

"Todd Falcone is in my opinion, the "Telephone Recruiting Master." When I first began Network Marketing, I would relate pain to talking on the telephone, especially talking with people I did not know. After listening to Todd speak to total strangers and enroll them, I just began duplicating what I heard in his training series. Now, my telephone recruiting skills are sharper than ever, so sharp that my current organization exceeds 150,000 distributors."

- Barry Donalson, Founder of MMG

"When I started Network Marketing back in 1997, I was failing BIG TIME! I met Todd Falcone later that year and my network marketing career made a complete 360 degree turn. Todd Falcone is the best prospector on the telephone I've ever listened to. Following Todd's techniques and advice, my income tripled over the next year and I began to sponsor more people in a month than most would in a year! Thanks Todd for your help and support."

- Michael Shaw, NV

"Todd Falcone has been a key person in my success in MLM over the last six years. I have learned more from Todd's personal coaching than any book, tape or seminar. Thanks Todd and I look forward to a long lasting prosperous relationship together."

- Jay Dorso, CT

"I respect Todd as one of the most ethical and professional people in Network Marketing today. I have known him for several years now and have always admired his tenacity for building his business, as well as his ability to offer assistance and direction to others whenever needed. And you know the best part -- I do not affect Todd's income in any way. He has always gone out of his way to encourage me and help me while expecting nothing in return. That is in my book -- is the definition of a winner. Bottom line, whenever Todd talks - I listen intensely."

- Ty Hoffer, TX

"What I've admired and respected about you is the professional posture you possess in our industry. Just listening and observing you over the past year has helped me immensely grow my own posture. Posture is extremely important when "recruiting", but one cannot have posture without possessing confidence in themselves and their ability to succeed.

It is no secret that you are and have been successful in our industry. All one has to do is listen, learn and apply and soon they themselves will have their own success story to tell. After meeting you in person at an event, it was clear to me that you truly walk your talk! Thank you for all you do in helping people succeed in our awesome industry! You are appreciated!"

- Delina Villa, OR

"Todd is a tremendous mentor and one of the best people I have the privilege of working with in this industry. Since working with Todd one-on-one my business has tripled! Thanks to Todd's training & support I'm on track to earn a six figure income."

- Chris Koehl, KS

"When I met Todd Falcone a few years ago, I'd been struggling to make Network Marketing work. Todd made a commitment to work with & train me personally. Very soon after, I began seeing increased success. It didn't happen overnight, but there came a day I was able to walk into my corporate J.O.B. and quit. Todd promised to continue working with me, and he kept that promise.

He taught me how to strengthen my mindset & posture, and he modeled an amazing work ethic. My sponsoring success has continued to increase and today I'm blessed with an income in Network Marketing that far exceeds what I ever earned in corporate America. Todd is an exceptional network marketer and an expert trainer. He's also someone who genuinely cares, and works tirelessly to create success in others. It's been a privilege to work with Todd over the past several years and to count him as a friend."

- Mark Wieser, CA

"I wanted to thank you for all your help, guidance, knowledge and support that you have given me over the last couple years. You haven't always told me what I wanted to hear.

However, you've always told me what I needed to hear. Your leadership has meant a lot to me, and I'm very honored to call you my friend and mentor! In my opinion, those people that aren't developing a mentoring relationship with you are making a major mistake!"

- Craig Bieber, CA

"Over the past six years, I have learned more about Network Marketing from Todd than any other person, company, book, tape, newsletter, or conference call.

He is 110% dedicated to helping YOU become successful, and he works with you, 1:1, to make sure you become the person you want to be! Working with Todd was the best thing that could have happened to me and my career. I now make a full-time income from home, and LOVE it! Thank you, Todd!"

- Pam Caughey, MT

"Todd Falcone is a tremendous leader with superior communication skills. He is by far one of the most diligent, disciplined and hard working people I know, which is why he is great at coaching and training. Todd has taught me the importance of having persistence in my business affairs. He has a seasoned understanding of leadership training and personal development."

- Randall Swanson, CA

"The first time I spoke with Todd I knew his heart. He is sincere when he tells you how he really enjoys seeing people he is working with succeed.

I have been on many live prospecting calls over the last couple years and I have never heard anyone else close to the skill level Todd has. He is professional, courteous and most of all he puts the prospect at ease and knows how to help them see that the product or service is needed by them. One of the best coaches I have ever had. Thanks Todd!"

- Wes Walton, GA

"Todd, I want to "Thank You" for your continued support and training in this ever changing industry of Network Marketing. It keeps me going, when the going gets rough!"

- Linda Daniel

"I've only been working with Todd for a month, both one on one and through his training calls. He's taught me to prospect through a complete and proven system. He's even taught me how to conduct "self evaluations" which has proven to be invaluable. I never worry about being turned down, which makes picking up that phone so much easier every day. I don't chase after prospects anymore, they chase after me! Thanks!"

- Mae Ramirez-Ismael, NV

"The cost of finding enough people to talk to every month about the opportunity was killing my business. Lead companies were charging me up to $10 per lead! I was trying to convince people to join me in my business. I was SELLING, not SORTING. What a difference it made as I learned about posture, relationship selling, killer email campaigns and much, much more. I now interview my prospects to see if they qualify for my business. Todd's no nonsense approach to covering the basics of Network Marketing and long distance sponsoring has put me back on track. I do this business from my home in England, and I primarily sponsor US entrepreneurs. That really is long-distance sponsoring!

Thanks to the quality of training I have received from Todd I am now in profit every month and I can see myself being one of Network Marketing's success stories, not another casualty."

- Darren Evans, UK

"I just want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have learned so much working with you. I do not know anyone who works harder or who is more committed to this industry than you. In four years you have never missed an appointment. You talk a lot about personal growth, being a little on the sensitive side it is not always easy or fun to hear what I should change but I admit you are usually right on and I am thankful for your honesty. Two things you had me do that stand out as fun learning experiences are when you had me record myself for the first time and when you had me write down everything I did during my working hours. Talk about time for personal growth! You are a true leader because you are a hard worker, you keep your word, you're committed to your team, you're always upbeat and you're willing to do what you teach. Thanks again Todd!!"

- Sara Fischer, MI

"I have been working with Todd's team for four months and have received more training than I ever thought possible. The training is positive, informative and motivating.

After all, a positive attitude and self-motivation is what will get you through. I am a slow starter but I have a solid base thanks to Todd and his Team. I will succeed !!!!"

- Shirley Aboody, UK

"One day back in 1998 I received a call out of the blue that changed my life forever and turned me from an MLM amateur into an MLM PRO! Somehow Todd Falcone tracked down my number and shared with me a method for tripling my sponsoring rate in my current MLM company. I can't begin to tell you how suspicious I was, what a bad, unqualified, skeptical prospect I was!

Todd could have given up, but he stuck with me. About 3 weeks after that initial phone call I was on my way to a full-time six-figure income in Network Marketing. Todd has been an amazing mentor and coach and is single-handedly the most influential person in my networking career. He's a true Pro! I can't imagine where I'd be now if he had never called me. Probably still driving my old '89 Saab and stuck in a cubicle!"

- Atticus Killough, VT

"You have been very helpful in giving me the training and literature I need to implement into my Network Marketing business. I personally feel that with the training and support that I have received from you and your team over the past year, I have become not only a better person but a better business owner as well. Thank you Todd."

- Anna Stanley, WY

"I have been involved in MLM for just over one year. I have listened to your training calls both online and many conference calls in which you have been a guest speaker. I have sharpened my skills with your training!!!

Also, I have used many of your personal stories (how you got started, some of your challenges on the phone and how you overcame them) in helping my group develop their skills such as overcoming "phone phobias" and increasing their self-confidence. Thank you for all the time you have dedicated to is greatly appreciated!!!"

- Tammy Darrow

"I feel huge respect for Todd Falcone because he shares his knowledge and expertise freely to all Network Marketers industry-wide.

I appreciate his honest sharing of the invisible barriers he has personally broken through to become the Master Network Marketer and trainer he is today, because it inspires me and helps me believe I can overcome my OWN similar inner barriers! Todd leads by example, the way all TRUE leaders do!"

- Laurie Kristensen

"Being on Todd's training calls helped me improve my sponsoring techniques tremendously. By listening to him do cold calls I learned about posturing and how to keep control of the conversation and the overall interview process. I no longer have any kind of phone fear! He taught me to make a game of it and have fun. Thanks again Todd."

- Lana Hale, OR

"My beginnings in the field of Network Marketing back in 1991 consisted of hotel meetings and 'pep rallies'. The training was at best superficial. After two and a half years of this, I quit. But I did not give up.

I held on by a thread to the belief that there was something to this MLM thing. After another two years of floundering, I was introduced to ProStep in 1996. Through my association with this awesome support company and my upline Todd Falcone (who NEVER gave up on me when on occasions I DID), I have learned AND continue to learn not only the nuts and bolts of how to build an MLM organization, but how to tap into the real power of success which lies within each of us."

- Jeff Boyd, FL

"I began my Network Marketing career two years ago when I turned 18. I've always believed that in order to get to high places, you need to surround yourself with the right kind of people to help you get there. I called Todd Falcone for advice and he was willing to coach me even though he knew I was not part of his downline organization. The ultimate calling card of a leader is someone that goes out of his way to help anyone who needs it. I immediately respected Todd's ethics and partnered with him as my coach in Network Marketing. Today at age 20 I have ASTRONOMICALLY increased my knowledge base on how to build my business from Todd's training. If you are struggling in any area of your Network Marketing career I have only this advice to give to you: Shut up, put on your blinders, listen to Todd's coaching, go to work and prepare for a rollercoaster ride! GO WIDE FAST!!!"

- Kevin Tam, Canada

"Todd Falcone is a network marketing genius. Most people today rely only on the internet to market but Todd is like a magician when he gets on the telephone. His energy and enthusiasm along with telephone techniques has taught me how to make the telephone my #1 recruiting and marketing tool!"

- David Weiss, CA

"I am so grateful that I came across your tele-classes and training materials. I was having trouble getting past the objections and questions my prospects were raising. Your sessions taught me how to be more in control of the conversation.

Even my team-mates are commenting on how natural I sound when I make calls. Yet it is my new business members and their heart-warming emails that impressed me the most about what you have taught me."

- Michael Skowronski, Gold Coast Australia

"After wandering in the Network Marketing wilderness for over five years, I became a part of Todd Falcone's downline. His weekly training calls and personal mentoring gave me self confidence, posture and completely eliminated my fear of the phone.

Todd was always available, helpful and really committed to my success. Todd has a unique ability to communicate clearly, challenge constructively, listen well and motivate anyone to improve. He is a great trainer. Thanks Todd for taking this 'small fish' and putting me on the road to becoming a 'big fish'."

- Betty Cotton

"I have only been in the Network Marketing industry for a short time. However, I've known Todd as a personal friend for several years, and I always wondered what the heck he did for a living that gave him so much free time!

I'm very glad I was introduced to this industry and very happy to call Todd a friend. His valuable insight and knowledge is helping me take my business to the next level."

- Jesse Perryman, CA

"For three years as Vice President of Training and Marketing for ProSTEP I had the pleasure of both inviting and listening to Todd teach network marketers how be succeed. His training topics were diverse and within that diversity he was able to touch the lives of his students, and bring them to life in this multi-faceted industry of Network Marketing. His presentations were professional, extremely well prepared, and expertly executed.

Over my three-year stint I invited and listened to dozens of trainers. Todd was always at the top of my list to teach. He just simply knows how to connect with his audience at a grass roots level. Utilizing a methodical, straightforward, no holds barred approach, he resonates the truths of network-marketing. It was always refreshing to have Todd's "no fluff," hit right at the heart of the issues approach to our business."

- Steve Lovelace, CA

"The key to success in Network Marketing is prospecting. It's all about identifying good prospects, and knowing how to connect with them. Todd Falcone knows prospecting, and he can assist you greatly in your journey to success!"

- Mark McKee, NV

"We have known Todd Falcone for nearly four years and have enjoyed both a working relationship and friendship with him. Todd is very accountable and hard working and always has an upbeat attitude.

He has been a student of the MLM industry for many years and has been a successful leader and mentor in the ventures he has entered. From our years of experience in the industry, we have met few people that have the working knowledge that Todd has of the MLM industry. Todd comes with our highest recommendations as a great trainer and mentor!"

- Chris & Katrina, NV

"I've been fortunate to have been trained and coached by Todd for almost two years now. In fact, the first year and a half I was a 'fly on the wall' at his teleconference trainings, so I think he didn't even know how much he helped me when I first got started! Todd's energetic, focused, no-nonsense approach to MLM has moved my business ahead. Without his guidance and training I would have wasted SO much time talking with the wrong kinds of people! Todd's own personal story of having gone through a learning curve in this business has been a tremendous inspiration for me. My favorite training that he did was about "Responsible Sponsoring", which transformed my understanding of how to build a network. I have a background in counseling, and am always appreciative of people who are skilled at listening. Todd has a rare and unique sensitivity for respectfully listening and understanding all kinds of people, which creates a tremendously dynamic environment for learning and growth!"

- Mashubi Rochell, OR

"I have been attending Todd's weekly training calls and I must say they are the best!

His prospecting training has put me light years ahead in my business. Thanks Todd for all you do for our industry."

- Joe Thornton

"Todd has always generously shared his vast experience and knowledge freely.

He is a true leader who posses and shares the ultimate skill of duplicating success!"

- Marcy from Maui

"Todd, working with you has really helped me focus on those activities that actually grow my business!

Thanks to your help I've been able to avoid a lot of the trial and error that slows things down."

- Alan Massa, TN

"My wife Theresa and I met Todd six years ago, I actually called him to prospect him for an MLM opportunity I was doing. Well guess what? Todd turned the tables on me and showed me the value of joining him in his business!! Well, things have never been the same since! Without a doubt, we owe Todd Falcone a great deal! He spent many hours on the phone with us in conference calls and in training calls, he extolled the virtues of Personal Development into me that today serve me very well!

Theresa and I want to personally thank you Todd for all your patience and persistence! Had it not been for your continual help and caring...and occasional kick in the butt we would not be where we are today. In part, your hard work with us has allowed me to be a full-time Network Marketer and for that I will be forever grateful!! Thanks for your commitment to our success!"

- Dan and Theresa McDowell, Canada

"I been in the Network Marketing industry for three years and before I was introduced to Todd Falcone's training and support, my average sponsoring month was 3 to 5 new distributors. Now...that is my average in a week."

- Anthony and Rebecca Powell, OK

"Todd Falcone is a tremendous leader who 'leads by example' for others to follow.

He is a master in the art of prospecting, closing and business building. Anyone looking for success in Network Marketing should be a student of Todd's material!"

- Dave Walz, TX

"Todd Falcone is an awesome guy! I've seen Todd train and support people with great passion.

He is one of the few people I know who sincerely cares about others and actually listens to what they have to say. His unique delivery and style puts him head and shoulders above the rest."

- Chris Cannon, HI

"Todd's success continues to amaze me! He's one of only two or three whose telephone and email training inform and inspire me!

I entrust my whole team, beginners and him."

- Lin Ennis, AZ

"Todd Falcone is an exceptional leader and master trainer.

Todd has a natural gift to inspire people and assist people in getting to the next level. Todd is truly an inspiration in the field of direct sales and coaching."

- Michelle L. Steingard, AZ

"Todd's selflessness and ethics are the real magnets for me, rare in today's marketplace, almost unique in MLM. But you'll find that out for yourself. There is a secret to success in all ventures ~ find out what successful folks do and do it.

The challenge in applying this in our industry is that most of the so-called experts have never built and sustained an organization. Hell, most of them couldn't track and elephant in the snow! So who you trust becomes the real issue. As a former Trainer of the Year I can tell you I look no further than Todd Falcone.

After extended success I hit a wall, I just could not break into multiple six figures. One twenty minute coaching session and I am experiencing that next level of success I have always coveted."

- Mark Januszewski, MA

"Fifteen years ago I met Todd and liked him. In that time I have developed a deep respect and admiration for him because of his wisdom, guidance and leadership in our field. But most importantly, for the way he conducts himself as human being.

We are all supposed to be good. He has chosen to be great. We will be confidants, colleagues and most importantly friends lifelong. PrecisionMLM is just another brilliant creation from one of the brightest minds of the industry. Godspeed Todd."

- Anthony Washington, NV

"We can not thank Todd Falcone enough for the support and training. Little does he know what an impact he has had in our lives. Thank you very much for that call 5 years ago Todd. It's only getting better.

Whenever we need assistance with our business we can always count on Todd. We have been very blessed to have traveled around the world. This is the lifestyle most people dream about. Stick with his teachings and you'll get what you want!"

- Rich and Kristen Cook, CA

"Todd Falcone is a master networker and a true leader who tells it like it really is - no sugar coating, just the stuff that gets results.

I can attribute much of my Network Marketing success over the years to implementing techniques and strategies Todd has shared with me. The results speak for themselves. The bottom line is, every time I apply what he teaches, I make more money."

- Brad Weinman, CA

"Todd Falcone is a consummate professional!

Not only has he been successful in his industry, he has the rare ability to help others to be successful also.

I know coaching, and having experienced coaching from Todd myself, I highly recommend him to you."

- Jay Henderson, UT

"I've known Todd for several years now. I can truly say that he is someone I admire in this industry.

He is a total professional, he is one of the most knowledgeable people you will find, he's hard working, and he takes care of the people he works with. He's done very well for himself, and more importantly he's helped many, many people in our industry do the same."

- Tony Michael, TX

"There is one compliment I can rarely give to people, but I can absolutely, without a doubt, say this about Mr. Todd Falcone ~ Todd is impeccable with his word."

- Joe Syverson, MN

"I have been in networking for a few years now and much of my success has to be credited to Todd Falcone!

His training newsletters and calls are filled with invaluable information for the person who wants to make a difference in this business and who wants to be successful.

Thanks Todd for all your help and sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us!"

- Peggy Hendricks, WI

"If you want the real nuts and bolts of what it takes to be successful as a network marketer and how to do it, be on Todd's Monday night call and read his newsletter.

The guy is good. I make it a habit to be on his training calls and read his newsletter -- and, I urge my downline to do likewise. Todd's information is always clearly presented and useful.

I particularly like the Q & A; Todd is facile and laser with his language and ability to communicate the fundamentals and beyond."

- Diane Savory and Peter Stickney, CA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Todd Falcone for over 5 years. He is an exceptional trainer and coach because he speaks from experience. He leads by doing! Todd teaches the methods and techniques he uses on a day-by-day basis with his own leads, building his business.

His communication skills are highly effective. His approach is straightforward and it's enjoyable to be taught and coached by him. Todd focuses on helping his group get tangible results. He always looks for new technologies and for effective, cutting edge strategies to introduce to his team. He does what he says he will do. His support is firm and at the same time compassionate. If you want to take your networking business to the next level and beyond, invest your time and learn from Todd. Todd is one of my mentors in the industry. He has helped me reach high levels of success and I believe he can help you and your team too."

- Dr Anthony J Leonardo, OR Chiropractic Physician, Ret.

"Todd has a wonderful, warm and friendly but direct way of connecting with his prospects.

The good thing is, he's able to share his skills in a down to earth, easy to understand way.

He teaches real skills that can be applied immediately. A true master of the game!"

- Gerry Usselman, OR

"When I was about to give up, it was Todd who made me realize that I could do this. By tapping into all the training he provides, I have been able to find the self-confidence I needed to succeed.

I started bringing my team to the training Todd offered and they are seeing success they never imagined they were capable of. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without Todd, not just in my business, but life in general.

Thank you Todd for all you do for all of us."

- Julie Dunnom, CO

"Todd's training and mentoring is "nuts and bolts" getting down to the fundamental principles of building national and international virtual teams - all from home.

Todd seamlessly blends high tech with personal "heart and soul" relationship building techniques that creates productivity and loyalty within our teams. His unique style cuts through the hype and focuses on the tasks it takes to be a powerhouse recruiting machine and responsible sponsor.

Todd knows the marketplace firsthand and generously gives his knowledge and experience - unconditionally. Todd, it's an honor and privilege to call you my business partner and friend over these past 7 years."

- Becca Rae, AZ

"My first introduction to Todd Falcone was almost three years ago when he was providing training for a lead generation and support program I had joined. Based on his knowledge, enthusiasm and success in the industry, I made it a point to get to know him and learn from his experience. Even though Todd had no vested interest in my success, he provided personal coaching and even recorded a promotional audio file that I used to put my business into "Over Drive"!

With his guidance I moved up to a leadership position within our organization and I continue to incorporate his teachings in my day to day activities. Todd has always been there providing consistent, practical and effective training that is beneficial to the novice as well as seasoned professional. I highly recommend that you "plug-in" to his training and get ready for the success that following his methods will provide."

- Dan Furnish, TX

"Have you ever struggled with the question 'How do I get from where I'm at to where I want to be?' Drawing on a lifetime of personal experiences, Todd Falcone has helped thousands find the answer to that question.

With compassion and empathy, inspiration and insight, Todd will connect you with your dreams and change your life forever."

- Chad Wickline, OH

"I have known Todd for several years now and in my opinion, he is one of the top professionals in the MLM industry. He is a master recruiter and a great trainer.

If you are searching for a personal mentor in your business, Todd is one of the best!"

- Shannon D. Denniston, KY

"Todd is a strong leader and is a blast to work with. He says it like it is, and knows what it takes to make it in networking personally and as a coach.

Todd not only is a great coach but a great friend as well. Thank you Todd for everything."

- Carter Matzinger, NV

"I appreciate Todd's direct and no-nonsense approach to coaching.

His 'to the point' style of recruiting and prospecting is effective and he delivers the message with impact.

What a great trainer for those new in the business or who have not achieved their goals yet!"

- Laura Kaufman, TX

"When I first was introduced to Todd I barely knew what Network Marketing was.

With his training and leadership I was able to build an organization of over 4000 distributors in less than 2 years.

He is a master phone trainer and an expert marketer and an asset to anyone building a home business."

- Marshall Gilliam, TN

"Todd's coaching, mentoring and training on how to prospect has been critical to the success of my business.

I have applied Todd's principals to both my warm and cold market prospects as well as everyone I speak to in person, by phone or over the Internet.

It's critical that everyone understand the importance of having an agenda instead of reading a script!"

- Bob Randklev, IA

"Todd Falcone's seminars have been tremendously informative and inspirational while I'm developing my home-based business."

- Angela Ruiz, NY

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Falcone for the past few years. He has been very supportive to myself and my entire team and is someone who leads by example.

He stays in the trenches and therefore it's easy for him to understand where you've come from and what you need to do to take your business to the next level.

Todd, you're a champion and thanks for your time, coaching, mentoring, and friendship."

- Armand Bright, CA

"One word - Awesome! It was like taking of the blinders and seeing for the first time.

I was doing it all wrong and I started to hate Network Marketing. Imagine playing baseball to the rules of'd do poorly and hate it too! Your training and coaching showed me where I was losing precious time, missing valuable sales and making my life a whole lot more miserable than it should have been.

Now I see the light :) Thanks for all you help!"

- Antonio Thornton, GA

"Several years ago I met Todd Falcone. Even before meeting him in person at a conference, I knew him as always ready to assist anyone in his organization.

That he is STILL around, eager to lend a helping hand to any who ask is a great testament to his character in a day where most sponsors vanish in a week.

Thanks Todd - You Da Man !"

- Marco Watkins

"I've trained with Todd and he is by far the very best at prospecting and following up. Since I've applied his techniques my closing rate has doubled!

I recommend Todd to my entire organization. If you want to be successful in network marketing, if you want to be able to sift and sort with pure efficiency, then you deserve to be training with Todd."

- Gregg Swanson, CA

"We have known Todd for several years. His training and coaching is a must for any network marketer or anyone on the Internet.

We would strongly suggest that if you want to avoid any mistakes, you need to learn from the BEST! We think that a TEAM LEADER must set an example for others to follow and that is what we have learned with Todd through the years.

Thanks for your words of wisdom, support and your fine example.

Your protégés and friends,"

- John & Brenda Egner, NY

"Prospecting is truly the lifeblood of your business and the insights you get from Todd will help you become a master prospector and create better results in your network marketing business."

- Robert Butwin, CA

"You can easily tell if a technique was dreamed up over a six-pack of beer or was actually used and tested in the field. Network marketers know the techniques I use and teach work, they know these techniques have been field-tested.

That's why I like Todd Falcone. Todd has layers of scar tissue all over his body from building in the trenches, in the field-- and building it big! Todd's the real deal and what he teaches creates positive results. If you want to know how to sell over the phone, take a sales course. If you want to know how to do network marketing over the phone, learn from Todd Falcone. Plain and simple."

- Art Jonak,

"Todd Falcone's passion for helping ordinary people discover their purpose and maximize their God-given talent is apparent in every facet of his life. Todd is one of those rare leaders who has been able to take the measure of his own success - mold it with the success of hundreds of other leaders - and translate it into a powerful set of strategies and tactics.

Todd's training is based on solid reality, built on personal experience, and packed full of practical advice that will absolutely help anyone achieve their quest for excellence."

- A. Troy Dooly, FL