11 Tips to Run More Professional Zoom Meetings

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Run a Professional Zoom Meeting So You Stand Out
  • Why Running a Zoom Meeting Can Accelerate Your Business
  • 11 Tips to Run More Professional Zoom Meetings

How To Run a Professional Zoom Meeting So You Stand Out

Zoom's daily active users surged to 200 million in March.

Shares of Zoom are trading at about $124 around the time of this writing. 

The stock has returned over 200% in less than a year.

This platform is on fire, and with good reason.

It's being used by everyone now.

I've been using it for years to training on...

And I'm recommending everyone start using this to build their business with (if you're not already).

In today's training I'm going to share with you...

11 tips to run a more professional zoom meeting.

OK, let's dive in and get started...

Why Running a Zoom Meeting Can Accelerate Your Business

Before we get into these 11 tips, let's look at why you want to start doing zoom's.

One word... leverage.

With this simple and easy to use platform... you can deliver your message to a group of people instantly.

It's also user-friendly as well as cost effective.

It's also great for training your team on. You get to see each others smiling faces.

Make sure you watch the video about because I go into details on each of these 11 tips.

Here's a list of them...

11 Tips to Run More Professional Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meeting Tip #1: Composition & Framing: Here you'll learn the rule of thirds. I'll also talk about 'framing". You want frame your shot, so you're looking like a total pro.

Zoom Meeting Tip #2: Lighting: How to set up your lighting so you look amazing on camera.

Zoom Meeting Tip #3: Audio: Here I'll share with you the type of mic to use that sounds amazing.

Zoom Meeting Tip #4: Looking into the camera when talking, so you're creating that connection with your attendee's.

Zoom Meeting Tip #5: Control house noise. Keep external noises down, so it doesn't interfere with your meeting.

Zoom Meeting Tip #6: Be presentable. This way you're always looking sharp and professional.

Zoom Meeting Tip #7: Smile at your people. It makes them feel good and that you're having a good time.

Zoom Meeting Tip #8: Prepare your content. Discover all about - "chunking your content" so it's easier to delivering it to your audience.

Zoom Meeting Tip #9: Use mute. Make sure you're using the mute button so the conversation is always smooth.

Zoom Meeting Tip #10: Engage your audience. Use polls, ask questions, and do interactive sessions with other attendees.

Zoom Meeting Tip #11: Technology troubles. Restart your computer if your camera is grayed out. Plan ahead to make sure everything is working 100% before your meeting starts.

Use all 11 tips and start rocking out your zoom meetings and looking like a pro.

Again, make sure you watch the entire video for all the details of these 11 tips.

In this episode #71, It's about... "11 Tips to Run More Professional Zoom Meetings".
Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

Stay fearless,

Todd Falcone
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