Top 5 Markets for Direct Selling

The Top 5 Markets for Direct Selling

Over 2o markets globally have surpassed a billion dollars a year in annual retail sales volume in the direct selling profession.  The Top 5 Markets for Direct Selling might surprise you.

I was reading my most recent issue of Direct Selling News titled Billion Dollar Markets and Beyond and thought I'd share some information with you from that article, including the Top 5 Markets for Direct Selling.


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The Cover Story in this month's Direct Selling News talks all about the Billion Dollar markets for the Direct Selling profession.

I figured I'd share a few stats with you, in addition to letting you know WHO the biggest Billion Dollar Markets are for Direct Selling Globally.  For the full story, make sure you start getting your own copies of Direct Selling News.

Top 5 Markets for Direct Selling in 2016


Total Retails Sales in US Dollars…

  1. United States $35.54 billion
  2. China $33.89 billion
  3. Korea $16.86 billion
  4. Germany $15.88 billion
  5. Japan $15.31 billion

Source:  World Federation of Direct Selling Associations

In 2016, global direct selling generated retail sales of $1 billion or more in 23 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Italy, Thailand, Colombia, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Peru, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, India and Poland.

If your company is open in any of those markets…I'd suggest making sure you learn how and what it takes to expand businesses outside of your local market!

If you or your prospects are wondering how BIG direct selling is as a profession…it is BIG BUSINESS!

In 2016, direct selling retail sales totaled $182.6 billion with over 107 million people involved.

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