Mastering the Art of Network Marketing

Everyone wants to know how to be GOOD at this business. How IS it that one becomes a MASTER at their craft? A true master at network marketing…so good, so knowledgeable, so informed, so skilled, that no matter what they touch, it turns to gold.

When I started over 20 years ago in this business, I wanted to be good. I wanted to be able to have confidence and feel excited about building my business because I was getting results. I didn’t want to spin my wheels. I didn’t want to FAIL.

I became a master at this for three simple reasons. One…I didn’t quit. Two, I worked my ass off. And three, I studied the masters.

I’ve taken my 21 years of network marketing and poured it into three days for you. Wanna get better? Wanna get super good? Wanna have a crystal clear understanding of what it takes? Then come see me for three days in Los Angeles November 19-21, 2010.

I’m making it ridiculously easy for you. My “Network Marketing Mastery Event” is three very powerful days of SPECIFIC EDUCATION ON NETWORK MARKETING.

The seminar normally sells for $497…but I have deeply discounted this final event of the year to a meager $97…and you can even bring a friend for free! So…it really kinda makes the seminar only about $50 for three full days! My friends think I’m nuts. My business coach told me I was ridiculous. But…I don’t care.

I want you there. You want you there. No excuses. Register now and come see me in LA November 19-21. Bring a friend…perhaps a downline team member!

You can register here:
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  1. Dave Prosser

    Sooo True,
    Do you ever do anything in seattle Todd? I’d really like to hook up at one of these events but family circumstances wont allow that right now.

  2. Bob Hebert

    Thanks Todd. I’m in Phoenix and can’t make it. But I’m promoting the event to my peeps in LA! They HAVE to go to this event!

  3. Awana Akau III

    Aloha Todd. I live in the 50th state, Hawaii. Would you ever do a seminar here in the aloha state? I would love to go to one of your seminars.

  4. Phil Ruiz

    Hey Todd i can appreciate the cost which is a very good price especially to hear from a leader as yourself. i had the privilege to hear you live at Live the Dream in Vegas. i can afford the ticket just not the trip. 🙁 Do you plan on coming to the Chicago area this coming year? thank you for your webinars and blogs i look forward to them everytime

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