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Why Coach with Me?

If you're here, chances are you're on the hunt for something extra, something uniquely tailored to your needs, something you can only get from a dedicated one-on-one engagement. And let me tell you, you're in the right place.

Imagine having a guide with an unmatched depth of experience, a mentor who has weathered the storms and basked in the sunshine of the network marketing profession for 34 years – every single day. That's not a claim many can make, but it's my reality.

As a dedicated network marketer, a sought-after public speaker, and a consultant to industry leaders, my journey is one of continuous learning and evolution, providing me with a vantage point few can offer.

Coaching with me means you're benefiting from a legacy of success spanning over three decades in this very profession. 

But let me pose this question to you: 

Would you prefer guidance from someone who just decided to be a coach one day, or would you value the wisdom of someone who has walked the talk and has a proven track record in the very discipline they're imparting to you?

Think about it. You wouldn't want to learn fishing from someone who's never held a fishing rod. You wouldn't take golf lessons from a person who's never set foot on a green. And skiing from someone who's never braved the slopes? Doesn't make sense, right?

So why settle for network marketing coaching from someone who hasn't lived and breathed it like I have? Come, let's navigate this journey to success together.

do I coach?

Let's cut right to the chase. I don't just coach anyone. My personal time is something I cherish immensely. So if I decide to bring you under my wing as a coaching client, there's something you've got to understand.

When I provide you with guidance, it's not up for debate. You act on it, plain and simple. That's how real coaching works. I turn down roughly 70% of the coaching applications that land on my desk. If yours happens to be one of them, don't take it personally.

However, if you're genuinely hungry for change and ready to take determined action towards that goal, I'm confident I can be the catalyst you need to transform your future.

I assist you IN?

Prospecting and Recruiting

Imagine being an absolute wizard at recruiting, oozing confidence at a level you've never known before. Here's what I guarantee: If I get a chance to listen to your prospecting approach and give you instant feedback on areas of improvement, your results will blast off into the stratosphere.

Leading Teams and Developing Leaders

Think about it.  Having seamless onboarding processes, the knowledge to create essential tools, and an ability to handle the whirlwind of growing a team effortlessly. I've got your back in all these aspects, and I promise to simplify and amplify your team-building journey.

My wife dubs me as ‘the network marketing therapist' for a reason. With the trust and confidence of hundreds of high-profile individuals in our field, I've become the go-to person for advice and support. Why? Because they trust in my absolute discretion and my ability to guide them through their most challenging dilemmas. And I promise the same for you.

Social Media

Got a late start on the social media game? No worries. Since the dawn of social media, I've been right there, navigating its twists and turns. If you're eager to understand what truly clicks and what simply doesn't in this digital age, I'm your guy. I'll not only show you the ropes but also slash that learning curve, keeping you right on track.

Artificial Intelligence

Want to tap into the power of AI beyond the buzzword of ChatGPT that everyone's chattering about? Let's plunge into the depths together. With my guidance, you'll grasp how to truly harness AI, turning it into a powerful tool for your business. And the best part? It'll free up your time, letting you dive back into the things you truly love doing.

Speaking and Platform Skills

Do you dream of lighting up the stage, sharing your expertise with thousands hanging on your every word? Well, with more stage appearances under my belt than most folks see in a lifetime, I'm the ideal guide to help you claim that spotlight. Let's transform you into the speaker you're destined to be.

Turning your Passion into Profits

Got a unique skill or talent you're eager to monetize? Dreaming of creating your own product line? Let's bring your vision to life. With my guidance, we can transform your talent into a thriving business, just like I did with mine. Time to step up and turn your passion into profit.

Couples Business and Marital Coaching

My wife Carla and I have been together for nearly three decades, and man, we’ve sailed through some wild storms.

But guess what? We’ve emerged stronger, tighter, and more in love than ever.

One thing we absolutely dig?

Helping couples craft the best chapters of their love stories.

Whether you’re in business together, independently working, on separate paths, or chasing different dreams, Carla and I have got the roadmap to your bliss.

Buckle up for the journey to an enriched, thriving relationship.


A heads up: we only dive into coaching partnerships that stretch over at least 90 days, unless it's an absolute must to do otherwise.

Brace yourself to set aside a minimum of $9,000 for this transformative journey. If we're set on high-level game-changing maneuvers, you could be looking at an investment of up to $50,000 for a full year with us, depending upon the scope of our coaching.  

Sure, coaching doesn't come at bargain prices, and it's not everyone's cup of tea. 

But, let me tell you this: it's the quickest, sharpest route to making those pivotal decisions, tweaks, and pivots that will drive your revenue to scale unprecedented heights. 

Buckle up for the fast lane to growth.


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