Old School MLM is the Fastest Way to a Check

Blowing away all the misconceptions.  The bottom line and the real simple truth:  Old School Traditional is what leads to the quickest check.  It isn't even a debate.


Oh boy.  Gonna ruffle some feathers here.  Don't get me wrong when you watch this vid.  I love MLM.  I love the net.  I love using the net in network marketing.  Love how cool online marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, Blogging and Article Marketing.  I dig PPC.  I think squeeze pages and lead capture pages are super cool.  I love Facebook and Twitter.  Social Media is frickin' off the charts AWESOME!

But you know what? I'm going to blow the misconceptions that Internet Marketing is the fastest way to a check in network marketing.  Yes…the Internet does work.  But…is it the FASTEST way to a check?  Watch this video and get the facts.

While people may be telling you the internet is the fastest and easiest way to make a check in network marketing, it is the foundational principles you hear in this video that do it the fastest.

Share it.  Don't keep this vid a secret.  Your peeps need to hear this.  Send it over.  Pay it forward.

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