4 Ways to Get Rid of Prospecting Fear in Network Marketing

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The “dreaded” prospecting fear that so many people face in network marketing isn't something that is insurmountable. In fact…it's absolutely necessary for you to rid yourself of prospecting fear if you're going to succeed in network marketing

I get it. Prospecting can feel daunting. Fear of prospecting is normal. Most people have some trepidation or hesitancy related to it when they first get started.

All those unknowns can drive us batty!

What if I screw up?
What if I don't know what to say?
What if I clam up?
What if I fumble my words?
What if they reject me?

Life is full of “What if's”.

How about this when it comes to prospecting in network marketing?

What IF I succeed?
What IF they say YES and join me?
What IF they absolutely LOVE it?
What IF this person I'm talking to helps lead me to financial freedom?

Seems to me that the second list is one you should be focused on, doesn't it?

FACT: You Can't Get Good at the Things you Never Practice

#1: Start Practicing! You need to understand something. You MUST practice in order to get good. You must put dedicated time aside where you focus on WORKING ON what it is that you want to get good at. Crazy how we don't fear the things we are good at, isn't it?

My suggestion to you is that you spend some time every week practicing, role-playing and putting yourself in different scenarios that cause you to improve your skillset and your ability to handle curve balls as they come your way.

Find a buddy, a team member or a friend and have them practice WITH you. The end result: you both get good.

FACT: You Can't Get Good at the Things you Never Do.

#2: Start Acting in Spite of How you Feel. You need to do it IN SPITE of how you feel about what you're doing.

Everyone starts someplace. Make one prospecting reach out or call. Realized you didn't die from that experience and do another one. Put into play the “linking strategy” I talk about in this video…and you'll see your fears begin to dissipate. Maybe not today, or tomorrow…but I promise you that your fears will go way.

The repeated exposure to the activity that you fear most makes the fear go away. You can't do it over and over and over again and stay in the same emotional place.

FACT: It's Easier When you Partner Up with Someone.

#3: Find Someone to Team Up with and Do Some Prospecting TOGETHER!

Any time you get together with someone and do it as a partnership…or as a “buddy” program, it just seems a bit easier. It may be a slight bit of false security in the beginning…but as time progresses, you will find your way.

If you've never grabbed a team member and done it WITH them…now is the time. Both of you will benefit from it. Your business will grow, your skills will grow…and so will your confidence.

FACT: It's WAY Easier When you Keep it Simple!

#4: Keep your Invites and your Process as Simple as Possible.

Find ONE simple invite that you feel comfortable with and STICK TO IT until you feel super good about it. You don't need 97 scripts to start off. You only need ONE. If you're stuck in prospecting fear…don't even bother trying to get every approach on the planet dialed in. Just do one.

Now…if you really want to MASTER the idea of having multiple invites as part of your arsenal, I'd highly suggest grabbing my Little Black Book of Scripts.

This book has been one of my best sellers for over 10 years and does a great job of putting the words in your mouth for every possible situation you'll find yourself in as a network marketer. And…it turns you into a REAL professional, because you're armed with multiple ways of reaching out to people. Again…if you're brand new, stuck and feel intimidated, start with just one approach.

You can always add more as you improve your skills and your mindset shifts to a more confident and FEARLESS state!

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