7 Strategies to Increase your Recruiting Results in Network Marketing

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The most common thing I hear from people…and it hasn't changed in nearly 30 years of doing this business is, “Todd…how do I get better results with my prospecting?”

Great question…considering it's the PRIMARY way we go about creating revenue in network marketing.  Your ability to enroll new distributors and acquire customers will be the most determining factor in whether or not you succeed in this profession.  You HAVE TO be able to recruit new reps.  You MUST be able to sign up and acquire customers who consumer or use your product or service.  That's step one.

Of course, there are a number of other things you have to be good at if you're going to succeed in network marketing…but this is the starting point.

7 Strategies to Increase your Recruiting Results in Network Marketing

I'd challenge you to do this.  Ask yourself how you fare in each of these strategies I talk about below.  Are you doing any of them?  None of them?  All of them? 

I promise you this…do them and your results will improve.  If you have a desire to increase your recruiting results and build your check faster, start doing these 7 Strategies now!!!!  They're simple.

It's time to stop making prospecting so hard on yourself.  It's literally NOT rocket science.  It's the fundamentals that make the biggest difference.

#1:  Get your Numbers Up. 

It’s a numbers game…no matter how GOOD you are.  The very best people in network marketing, the TOP recruiters…I can absolutely guarantee you that they are putting solid numbers on the board.  And…guess what?  They get TONS of people that say NO to them.  Just because you're good, doesn't mean everyone says YES to you.  It's a percentages game.

Yes…the better you are, the better your averages will be.  But…anyone who wants to recruit more people in network marketing needs to get their prospecting numbers up.  The law of averages will work in your favor if you simply increase your personal prospecting activity.

And…it's even more important when you are new and lacking in skill.  In the beginning, you will need to make up in numbers what you lack in skill.  And…then when you get good, when your skills and confidence rise…AND you are doing the numbers, your results will skyrocket even more.

Take the 30-Day Prospecting Challenge right here.  I promise you that when you do this very simple challenge, things will change for you.

You can download the 30-Day Prospecting Challenge Right Here.

The more you put through your pipeline, the more you’ll get out.  It's literally THAT simple.

#2:  Buddy Up.  Find someone you can run with, make calls, do meetings with and DO IT TOGETHER.  Any time we have a running partner, it's easier.  A person you work out with in the gym will cause you to do more.  A person that your with while prospecting will give you that little extra confidence needed to take the first step.

Find someone on your team, a friend you know in the business…find ANYONE that you can team up with for a bit and make some calls together, do some prospecting together…and make it part of your regular weekly habit to “buddy up” with someone until you have a high degree of self-confidence around your recruiting efforts and feel confident doing it alone.

#3:  Copy Success.  Let me give you some simple advice.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  Be aware.  Find out who the top recruiters are in your company and do your best to replicate EXACTLY what they are doing. 

How are they finding people?
What are they doing with them once they get their interest?
What process are they taking their prospects through that is working so well for them?

Find them.  Then ASK them. You get nothing until you ASK.  You know that.  Ask for help.  Ask for guidance.  Successful people…most of them anyhow, are pretty nice, and want to help.  But…they only volunteer it to people who are curious enough to ask.

My first month in network marketing, I heard this phrase, “Find someone who has what you want and do what they do.”

Super simple philosophy.  Copy the success of others.  No…not brain surgery either.

#4:  Rally the Team Together and Execute a Recruiting Blitz.  This is one of the most powerful things you can do to not only get your own production up, but to get the entire TEAM to do more.

It simply involves you getting involved with your team.  No.  That doesn't mean to go tell your people to prospect more.  It means YOU getting in the trenches with them and working the business WITH them.

Pick a night of the week.  Invite some of your local team members to your home.  Spend the evening with everyone under the same roof prospecting, booking appointments and drumming up new business.  You'd be surprised at how much more production will happen on your team when you take this simple step.

#5:  Practice your Craft.  Make it your MISSION to be the most well-trained, highly skilled team on the planet.  I can't say this enough.  Practice makes you better.  How much time did you invest in practice this past week?

My guess for most people is ZERO.  Very few people put dedicated time aside to work on their craft.  To get better, you need to WORK ON getting better.

Your goal should be to have the most highly-skilled, well-trained, and competent team on the planet.  And…that only happens when you do things with intention.  Be ON PURPOSE about this and you'll find your production will soar.

#6:  Schedule regular DAILY “Power Hours”.  The name of the game in building a business…is…BUILDING a business.  That means setting dedicated time aside specifically focused on prospecting and recruiting.

Set aside at least ONE HOUR a day…MINIMUM.  And…the only thing that happens during that time is you drumming up new business.  No Facebook posts, no tweets, no responding to email.  Nothing but prospecting.

If you're part-time…do it one to two hours a day.  If you're full time…you should be doing it a lot more.  Why???  Because it's what we do!!  Can you tell me anything that is more important to your bottom-line profits than drumming up business and putting new people in??

#7:  Record yourself and Learn from your Mistakes as well as your Victories.   Yet again…easy to do and easy to NOT do.  One of the most powerful and easy ways for you to see how you fare is to see how you do.  Record your calls and listen back to them.  Record your presentations if you do them live…then watch.  You'll pick up on subtle things that you do really well…and you'll also see or hear flaws and mistakes that you're making that will make all the difference in the world.

No…none of these are hard.  If you really want to increase your recruiting results while prospecting, I'd suggest doing every single one of these strategies.  They work.  And…it is impossible for you to NOT improve by doing them.

Ball's in your court.  Go after it.

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