A Conversation with the OG of Network Marketing Blogging

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In this episode, I invite you to join me and Ty Tribble for…

“A Conversation with the OG of Network Marketing Blogging”

If you haven't had the pleasure of crossing paths with Ty Tribble or experiencing his coaching and training, prepare to meet a true pioneer. Ty is no ordinary blogger; he was paving the way for blogging when it wasn't even a trend. Hailing as the OG (original gangster) of blogging for network marketers, Ty's influence and expertise have left an indelible mark on the industry.

The Early Days of Blogging:

Long before blogging became a mainstream phenomenon, Ty recognized its potential as a powerful tool for network marketers. With foresight and determination, he took to the virtual stage, using blogging as a medium to share his knowledge and insights with the world.

A Visionary Approach:

What sets Ty apart is his visionary approach to network marketing blogging. While others were still pondering the idea, he was already building a strong online presence through his blog, creating a brand around his persona, and connecting with his audience on a deeper level.

Sharing Wisdom and Expertise:

Through his coaching and training, Ty has mentored countless individuals, helping them harness the power of blogging to achieve success in the network marketing realm. His willingness to share his wisdom and expertise has empowered many aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap into the digital landscape.

As an internet entrepreneur, Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur and Success From Home magazines and is author of the book, Double Your Income with Network Marketing. He is indeed considered by many as the “Founding Father of Network Marketing Bloggers”. With that being said, Ty teaches lead generation strategies through social media and blogging to network marketers around the world.

A Lasting Friendship…

Two decades ago, Ty and I formed a connection that would evolve into a profound and enduring friendship. Both driven by integrity, honesty, and a commitment to helping others, we quickly established a deep understanding of each other's character, laying the groundwork for a strong and authentic bond.

And now, I invite you to sit in on this conversation where we discuss just a little bit of everything including internet marketing, blogging, network marketing, diet, healthy living, camping, grandkids, live music, and movies including the current box office “hit” Sound of Freedom, just to name a few subjects.

Ty's Journey: From Struggle to Success in Network Marketing…

Let me start by pointing out that Ty didn’t originally dive into his career as a blogger. In fact, he struggled for 10 years in network marketing before taking some time to study and hone his skills as a marketer. After that, he enjoyed a 20-year run of success in the profession.

It was back in October 2003 when Ty published his first blog post, inspired by following a fellow network marketer who was posting daily about his company. Ty had the idea of a similar thing, but with a more generic approach covering the industry as a whole.

So, Ty committed to blogging every day. Keep in mind there was no video blogging available at the time. This was before FaceBook Live, Twitter tweets, Instagram, etc. I asked Ty about how he grew this idea, which was fairly unique at the time, into the success it is today.

Here are the THREE take-aways from our conversation I want to share with you! 

Todd: What do you suggest to someone who wants to start a blog?

Ty: Embarking on a journey as a blogger offers an opportunity to share your thoughts, insights, and passions with the world while connecting with a like-minded audience. As you venture into the realm of blogging, adopting a habit of daily reading and leveraging existing content can be a powerful strategy. By drawing inspiration from others' work and infusing it with your own perspective and voice, you'll create blog posts that resonate uniquely with your readers.

I'd suggest you start out by reading five blog posts per day. Pull your favorite post, then write from your own perspective and expand upon it. And, be sure to credit that person. There’s no one in the world like you, so you’ll have your own perspective and spin on the subject matter.

Todd:In order to build a list and increase your number of subscribers, what strategies do you suggest using?

Ty: Content publishing…a five to 10 minute video is all you need to drive traffic! I suggest doing that at least five days per week. One piece of content a day can generate a lot of content and traffic. Versus advertising which you need to be able to track or you’re more than likely going to waste money. Just one blog can created and inspire tweets, Facebook antidotes, TikTok clips, Instagram posts, YouTube subject matter, etc.

You’ll also want to incorporate attraction marketing by giving away something to help build your subscriber list. In direct to consumer marketing, you’re trying to reach the person who relates with you to opt in and join the community you've created.

Todd: How do you continue to create new content?

Ty: Anyone can be a publisher of content in today’s age. There’s a misconception that you have to write or talk about network marketing. But, you don’t! Focus on your area of expertise. Push out content around subject matter that you know and love. So often people spend too much time trying to figure out how the content could pertain to the profession. It simply doesn’t need to. Just share a subject that YOU enjoy. Through that you will build a relationship with your audience who will discover your involvement in network marketing. There is a degree of vulnerability that is lacking. People are attracted to the raw, real, honest, unfiltered life.

And keep in mind that there is a degree of vulnerability that is lacking. People are attracted to the raw, real, honest, unfiltered life. That being the case, this is another opportunity for you to connect with your audience.

If you don’t know what to write about, consider utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) for ideas. Subscribe to news with specific keywords, including network marketing. Follow several of the top companies in the profession to see what they are promoting. Talk to people in the field to be inspired; most people don’t talk to other like-minded people enough. When you do, you’ll each gain a different perspective.

As the digital landscape constantly evolves, Ty Tribble has never stopped growing and adapting. From traditional blogging to exploring new platforms and marketing techniques, he has kept his finger on the pulse of the industry, inspiring others to do the same.

Emerging as a true trailblazer, Ty's early recognition of blogging's potential and his unwavering commitment to empowering others have earned him the title of the “OG of Blogging for Network Marketers.” Ty's legacy continues to shine bright as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the online realm. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting your journey, Ty Tribble's wisdom and coaching can undoubtedly guide you towards success in the digital era.

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