A Guaranteed Method for Improving your Prospecting Skills

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Improving your prospecting SKILL level is of PARAMOUNT importance. In the video above, I share a VERY SPECIFIC method for conducting self-checks to help you become better at prospecting and presenting. This is the #1 most important self-check you can do for creating positive CHANGE in your prospecting efforts.

In the video BELOW, my friend and recent A-Team winner Brian Cook shows you EXACTLY how to set up this very simple recording system. The reason I am sharing this with you is because the system I use for recording would cost you up to $1000 ! I NEED that kind of equipment. You don't. Brian did me and YOU a HUGE favor by sharing this.

Also, here are the links where you can access these simple tools for recording your dials.

Audio Notes Recorder (only $19.90)

Audio Notes Recorder

Wireless Phone Recording Controller

This is available at Radio Shack. You CANNOT buy it online, but you can pick it up at one of their stores.

Wireless Phone Recording Controller

Watch the video below to see the set up:

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