A Simple Way to Increase your Success Rate

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Want to Increase your Success?

I know this may sound a little off, but it's really important that you learn to say no to success in order for you to increase your success rates.   Let me explain.

Here's the thing.  Lots of people have plans.  And…they need other people to fit into those plans to help them execute what it is they are looking to accomplish.

One of the greatest things you can do is learn to say NO, which helps you to increase your success.  When I talk about saying NO…I mean saying NO to anything and everything that does not directly contribute to the execution of your own plan.

Again…it requires you first HAVING a plan for yourself.  Remember, increasing your success requires two simple things.  One, have a plan for yourself.  Two, say NO to plans that aren't yours.

This was one of the biggest breakthroughs for me as an adult and already successful entrepreneur.  I had a major LIGHT go off in my head as I sat down with a retired millionaire friend of mine.

If you want to increase your success, remember that it takes you being comfortable with saying NO to other plans that aren't yours.  I realize that sometimes it's hard to say NO…but it's a requirement in order for you to execute your plan, and increase your success rates.

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