A Wake Up Call and the Future of Network Marketing

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Given all the attention this past week on the network marketing profession, I've been flooded with calls, emails and text messages from literally all over the world.  People are expressing their concern over the “future” of network marketing.

A Wake up Call and the Future of Network Marketing

I'm no global economist, so I don't make predictions on said subject matter.  However…I've been around the profession for quite a while…and the network marketing and direct selling world is wide open and poised for continued growth.

According to the WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) 2015 Annual Report, the Direct Selling profession has had strong growth globally since our economic collapse that happened back in 2008.

As you can see on PAGE 13 of this report, the profession grew from $151.3 Billion in sales to $182.8 Billion between 2011 and 2014.

Forbes Magazine wrote an article in August of 2014, titled:
“Would you Join a Multi-Level Marketing Program for Retirement Income?”

That article is worth reading if you haven't done so already.

In my opinion, the future looks bright for the profession of direct selling.

We can all learn from what's been going on this week.  Let's level-up our training, teach people how to be professionals, and do things in a way where we develop competent and highly trained independent distributors.

Let's all use this as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Overnight, I have seen companies throughout our profession at the corporate level cleaning things up that needed cleaning.  WE…and I say WE, as distributors in the field (it's where I come from, and I will always be a distributor at heart), need to take the responsibility on of overseeing ourselves and others around us.

Let's all do a super job of promoting and perpetuating marketing practices that are respectable, truthful, and tell the “real” story of our profession.  If you want to make this profession YOURS for life, you'll take me up on that challenge.

Let's play clean out there.

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