Dan Elias

Dan Elias

“Todd Falcone's A-Team is an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about building their business…”

I can only tell you that participating in Todd Falcone's A-Team is an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about building their business and digging into whatever makes you tick. In the end we are only accountable to ourselves and the people who rely on us to make good on our promises. If you take the A-Team seriously you will find yourself making good on your promises and being accountable to yourself and your business.

Late into Todd's A-Team I had to step out of the calls for a few weeks. Before I became an A-Teamer I had made a promise to my son that we would drive cross-Country for the Summer. I thought I could do the trip and keep up with the A-Team calls. I scheduled poorly between events and dying phone batteries and so I missed accountability calls.

What I did do was take the tools, direction and motivations I learned in the earlier part of my accountability journey and focused it as much as I could into the time I did have on the trip. Before the trip I had made a list and collected names of people I was going to call about my business. On the road my 13 year old son became, to my prospects and to me, my “Assistant” and chief note-taker as I drove my 5-6 hour shifts. We had a great time. He became excited about my business and we even added a few new folks, too.

I look forward to retaking Todd's A-Team knowing this time that I am truly “All In” because I came away knowing that if I can build on the road with my son driving 3000 miles between LA and Chicago and then in NY that I'll be all the better at building my business having ALL the tools I need.

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