Attraction Marketing Ruined Him

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I had a conversation with a client a few days ago.  I've had this SAME conversations many times in the past.  They tend to repeat themselves in today's internet marketing world.  This time I'm saying something.  In this video, I talk specifically about how Attraction Marketing has essentially ruined this gentleman…and unfortunately, many others.  Don't judge until you watch.  And..don't get me wrong…I LOVE Attraction Marketing.  It's not Attraction Marketing's fault exclusively, it is the “message” that was heard, while unfortunately ignoring or choosing to ignore the rest of the story…

I would love to hear from as many of you as possible on this post.  I LOVE marketing.  I AM a marketer.  I am in marketing…and I am a network marketer.  In the video I PUT OUT A CHALLENGE.  If someone can or is willing to step up and tell me, to prove to me, that they built their ENTIRE business this way, I will chew on my shoe.  I won't eat it…but I will certainly gnaw on it.  Love your feedback.  Do share.

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