Can You Make It In Network Marketing on 10 Hours a Week?

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By Todd Falcone:

I was asked to ponder this question recently and give my honest answer. It is an interesting question…and probably one asked quite a bit, perhaps not out loud, but certainly it has been internally poised to tens of thousands of network marketers who live a busy life, have a full-time job, family, obligations, etc. who are trying to start a home business all at the same time, with very limited hours.

When I was asked to answer this question, my first answer came up immediately. I thought to myself, “Of course they can!” I did it! I’ve seen lots of other people do it. Viola! There’s your answer and the end of this article.

Then…I realized (I’m a little slow sometimes), that I was asked to write an article about it, not just answer the question. That got me thinking. What can I share with you about my personal experience as a part-time network marketer that you might be able to use in your life to go from part-time income and a full-time job to a full-time network marketing income and a joyous walk to your boss’s office saying, “Thank you sir or madam, this is the last day I’ll be working in this job!”

So…short answer. Yes…a part-timer can make it working 8 to 10 hours a week.

Before I go into the details of how to guarantee you make money working such part-time hours, at what point should you not bother at all doing network marketing? In other words, does there come a point where the amount of time you put in weekly creates a situation where there are no favorable returns on your minimal time invested? Really…if you want to escape the rat race, your job, corporate America, whatever your objective for being self-employed, any time in is good time in. However, you must accept and come to the realization that if you are putting in extremely few hours each week that it may take quite a bit more time to create a decent check.

First of all…if you want to make it in this business, put in as many hours as you can each week. Set time aside to do the business. The most important element is how CONSISTENT you are each week, regardless of how many hours you put in. Yes…putting time in is critically important. But, being consistent in your time carries heavier weight. Think about it. We are in the business of interacting with other human beings. Humans thrive on consistency. You showing consistency, even in very few hours demonstrate professionalism and can be a significant and incredibly magnetic factor in attracting people to you. The ultimate weight of importance is on the “what you do during those hours” side of the business. Time in is important, consistency is important. However, if you are consistently doing nothing during the time you put in, or consistently are doing things that don’t matter during that time, you will never make it.

Production is all that matters. Be sure to keep self-checking and ensure that you are on track.

A Simple Game Plan to Guarantee your Success Working Less than 10 Hours a Week!

If you are part of the great majority of people who join network marketing and spend on average only about 10 hours a week in your business, you will appreciate what I am about to share with you.

I was personally able to generate nearly a six-figure income working my business very part time. In fact, I averaged about 10 to 15 hours a week, never working more than 15 hours in any given week during my tenure as a part time home business professional. I simply didn’t have any more free time than that. So…I worked with what I had and maximized my results during the time I put in. Did you catch that? If you are going to make it in nominal hours, max it out. I worked at an absolutely feverish pace during the hours I put in. There was no time for slacking, no time for being slow, not time for messing around. It was production, production, production, and nothing else. In other words, prospecting was all I did. The best news is that because of the habits I started as a part timer, I was able to quickly get my income into multiple six-figure status as a full-timer.

Here’s the next part of this lesson. I knew I didn’t have much time, so I simply didn’t worry about dealing with or messing around with things that weren’t of critical importance. You can’t major in the minors when you are limited in time. And…you simply can’t major in the minor things if you want to be successful in general. I never arranged my leads, and my desk was a mess. But…I knew where everything was. You should have seen the amount of dust on my shelves. I was too busy working in my office to ever clean it. I figured that there would be plenty of time to have a maid clean up my office when I made it big. The funny thing is that even to this day, my office isn’t the cleanest in the world. When my house cleaner comes over, I rarely leave my office to let her come in and clean it. I am still too focused on producing.
My Simple Secret to Part-Time Success!

I helped a friend of mine get to over $10,000 a month in less than 12 months working out of his car! I’ve always been good at this. It’s called walking and chewing gum at the same time. You must maximize your “dead time”. These are all the times during the day that you could be prospecting and focusing on your business, but you’re not because you aren’t realizing those golden opportunities. You are allowing simple opportunities to pass you by. This happens in two ways for most. Either a) They simply let key opportunities to prospect people they meet by ignoring the signs or taking advantage of those fortuitous circumstances, or b) They simply do nothing at all when they could be doing something, even if it means a 3-minute call to a prospect while you are pumping your gas. Everyone has down time or dead time that could turn into production time. I was an absolute mad man when I was part time. Every opportunity between meetings, at lunch, while getting dressed for work in the morning, on my drive to the gym, while waiting in line at the post office, whatever the opportunity, I seized it.

Start realizing you’ve got golden opportunities each and every day that simply are impossible to get back. A minute ago is gone and never to be seen or capitalized on again. You have to capitalize and seize the minutes as they come.

The other thing I did was plan. I didn’t have time to be shuffling for leads and twiddling my fingers. Every night before I went to work, I assembled my plan for prospecting in my part time network marketing business the next day. I printed out all of my leads and calls I needed to make for that day and printed it on a single sheet of paper. I had them at my fingertips and it made it easy for me to make things happen. If you want to make it part time, you have to plan on making it part time.

Communicate to your leaders. My sponsors knew I was serious and they knew that I was going to be calling them (regularly) for 3-way support calls. Why? I told them I was going to be calling. I found out what their schedule was and made sure that I took advantage of golden opportunities to get leaders on with my prospects. I’m no dummy. When I don’t know something, I leverage myself by hooking up with people who DO know something so I can learn it. I had no idea how to close…none. It was the hundreds and hundreds of 3-ways I did that taught me the art of closing in network marketing. You’ve got to be a student if you are going to be a superstar in this business.

I Knew I Would Make a Fortune the Moment I Saw Network Marketing for the Very First Time

Does that sound too good to be true? It’s the truth…and boy, it has been good! Don’t you hate that statement? If it sounds too good to be true, and those words are coming out of your mouth, you’re probably a broke skeptic. I never bought into that ridiculous statement. I just made 50% on a recent real estate deal I did, and my mom caught word of it. What did she say? “You know Todd. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I had to grow up with the same stuff many of you did. Broke thoughts, broke mentality, lack, lack, lack. I broke through the lack with one simple thing: Decision Making. You see, the reason in knew I would make a fortune in network marketing wasn’t because I knew a darn thing about it, because I knew absolutely nothing. It was because I know that when I make a decision to do something, I do it. One of your greatest assets in your ability to make it part time may simply be your ability to make a firm decision.

You have a choice. You can make it in this business, or let this business break you. It is literally that simple. You either say yes to success or you don’t say anything. Not making a decision will allow someone else to make a decision for you and I can guarantee you that they will have entirely different plans for you.

Take note of the things I am saying.

Yes…you absolutely CAN make it working very part time in this business, but you have to follow the path of other people who have gone before you in the field.

You deserve success…but you have to work to get the success!

P.S. I am in the process of turning lots of part time network marketers into full time success stories. You want to be next?

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