Cultural Differences in MLM

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Just like in any aspect of life, there exists differences.

In corporate America, you find companies that have very different ways of going about doing things.  As well, we find it in Network Marketing.

I attended a meeting a few nights ago for a big, booming network marketing company that did about 1.2 Billion in sales last year and had an opportunity to gander in at “how” they do things.  This wasn't a “light turning on” moment for me, but it was highly interesting.

Many people try to put their “finger” on why one company  far outproduces another, even though their products may be perceived as similar in the marketplace.

Let's take the “functional health beverage” market for example.

You've got companies like Tahitian Noni International, Xango, Goji, Mona Vie, Via Viente, Zija and MANY others operating in the same markets, yet some of these companies kick the pants off of others.  This post is not to point fingers specifically at who is doing better than others.  I personally know who is doing extremely well and who is struggling, but my point here is not on that issue.

When you look around the profession, there are rare circumstances when ALL of the right elements come together to make for a GRAND SLAM home run business venture.

None was more evident to me than what I personally witnessed the other night.  I think it is a smart move for anyone in this profession to PAY ATTENTION to what works…and WHY.

Too often people are myopic in their viewpoint.  All they see is what is right in front of them and they are blind to what else is happening in the profession.  All I'm saying here is that we can ALL learn from the success of others.

All companies are different.  All have their own cultures and sub-cultures.  This is very interesting stuff to observe.

For example, the meeting I attended the other night everyone was dressed quite casually.  They weren't dressed in pimped out suits, nor were they in raggedy sweats.

Had I been attending an ACN event for example, I would have found a majority of people wearing suits and business attire.  It is simply what I have personally observed within that company.  The culture in ACN is more “corporate” looking in general.

I attended another event recently where everyone seemed to be in Aloha shirts and Island wear.  Very interesting as well.

The culture doesn't just mean DRESS.  I have worked with companies where the culture is very product driven.  Everybody LOVES the product.  All they do is talk about how wonderful the product is, how lovely it tastes and feels, etc.  I have also spoken for companies where they've got a great product, but the core focus is on heavily building the distribution network…so the focal point is entirely different than the previous example I mentioned.

What's this all mean to you and I?

Simple.  I think it is a smart thing to be AWARE of the cultural differences that exist within companies and from company to company.  But more importantly, taking that awareness a step further and coming to a deeper understanding as to WHY one company fails, while another succeeds….especially when they are marketing products that are similar in nature.

Just some thoughts for a Friday.  Hope you enjoy your weekend.

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