Do Business Opportunity Leads Work?

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In this episode, “Do Business Opportunity Leads Work?”  we're covering:

  • What is a Lead?
  • Who is the Ideal Lead?
  • FOUR Benefits to Using Business Opportunity Leads        

This past week a conversation came up around lead generation…who to talk to in network marketing, what methodologies are most effective and do business opportunity leads work? All valid and productive questions.

First off, let's define what is a lead? 

 Although we could define almost anybody as a lead, ideally it’s someone that has requested information, reached out, made a phone call, opted in, or messaged you requesting more information about the opportunity.

A lead could be something that is generated through an advertising campaign, online or offline, to reach an audience interested in your product, services or business or simply someone you meet at a networking function. It can also be somebody responding to a Facebook post or an Instagram image, an article that you share on LinkedIn, a personal or professional blog or YouTube video. And, leads could also be purchased from a lead generation company.

Who is the ideal lead? 

Professionals like realtors, insurance agents, higher level positions, mortgage brokers, small business owners, etc. And one of my very favorite, if not, favorite ways of recruiting is specifically recruiting talent; focusing on professionals that sell for a living, that earn their livelihood through earning commissions. They have total autonomy and control over their financial future. Because of this, they've chosen specific career paths that are production based, like network marketing, which is one of the key reasons why I love to recruit professional people.

FOUR benefits to using business opportunity leads to build your organization…
1. Contacts

In today's market heavily influenced by social media, leads can play a significant role. If you don't know very many people or are running out of people to talk to, don’t have a social media presence or don't know how to advertise, leads may help you build your business.

2. Training

In addition, another great role that leads play is to hone in on your skills by using them as a training ground. As a network marketer you need to be comfortable being able to pick up the phone, make a call and engage somebody in a conversation. You can't play behind your keyboard all day and expect to build a substantial, sustainable organization in network marketing. The communication muscle is mandatory for success in this profession.

In other words, this is an earn while you learn business. So the cool thing is you can develop your skills through action. You can learn from experience, and that's a big part of what we do.

3. Anonymous

Because the lead is a complete stranger that doesn't know anything about you, it removes some of the stress and intimidation while providing the opportunity to develop skills all while building your business. In fact, using leads is one of the single best training grounds to build experience.

Everything that we do in this profession is a sorting and sifting game. However, keep in mind that just because someone requests information about making money from home does not mean that they're a qualified person that you want to put into your business…and that's okay.

4. Cost

Unless you have extensive advertising experience, if you're running general ads on Google or other platforms, I think you're probably better off purchasing business opportunity seeker leads from a legitimate aggregator of leads rather than trying to do it on your own.

Investing your own resources to generate the leads, is a higher cost than if you were to purchase leads from a lead generation company. Your cost per acquisition, cost per lead, from a lead generation company is significantly lower than if you were to generate leads through your own paid ad campaigns.

To circle back and answer the original question, “Do business opportunity leads work?” Yes, they do! Therefore, it's up to you to decide how to approach obtaining leads and then simply getting after it.

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