Doing your Network Marketing Business in a New Town?

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Network Marketing Business is BIG business.  But, it requires people.

So…what in the world are you to do when you move into a new town and don't now anyone??

Think about that for a second.  What if you had to move to a completely new town, one where you didn't know a soul, and you had to go about building your network marketing business?

Could you do it?  Is it possible?

I took another question from a view this week and answered it.

You'll love this as well.  Why?  Because it's a joke how easy it is!  I love things that aren't complicated when it comes to building a business in network marketing.

I moved to a new town just over two years ago where I virtually knew nobody.  And…it was because of some simple decisions we made as a family that caused us to meet a ton of people.

My next door neighbor…I mean FORMER next door neighbor was a GHOST.

Wait.  Wait.  Let's do this.  I produced this video on the subject of “how to build your network marketing business in a new town”, so I'll stop talking about it…and let you go watch the video.

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