Don’t Puke on your Prospects!

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I know this is kind of gross, but it isn't a good thing to do.

Having a prospect in front of you…ripe for the picking, only to vomit all over them isn't good. It happened to me on the plane the other day. I warn you…this video is slightly traumatic and may be not so good for the tummy. Exercise caution and keep a bucket nearby while watching this video post.

Seriously though…if you are involved in network marketing and looking to ATTRACT and not REPEL people, watch this. Do NOT make the monumental mistake of focusing your energy in the wrong direction. The more you focus on THEM and their needs and stop doing the “me, me, me” routine, the more you'll find people joining you.

So, take the word from the wise here. Help people get what THEY want, and you'll get yours ten times over. Learning to transition from “I” and “me” to YOU is critical.

It's amazing how things in life happen and how our LEARNING and INSPIRATION occurs.

Ask and you will get. Not only is it critical to ASK lots of questions, you've got to LISTEN to what your people are telling you.

We'd all hope that the natural routine would be asking first, then INTENTLY listening, but it's not always the case. Take into consideration the story I share in the video about a woman I met on the return flight from my event who unfortunately doesn't understand that A) You must ask questions and B) You must then listen.

Please remember this. If you want success, then you want to be someone who ATTRACTS, not repels.

Listeners ATTRACT.
Talkers REPEL.

Ask and you'll get. Go from being “me” focused to being “you” focused and see what comes to you.

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