Eight Keys to a Winning Mindset

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You hear an awful lot about mindset in network marketing.  It wasn't until not too long ago that the word mindset was even used.

When you think of mindset, what do does that conjure up for you?  A way of being, an attitude, a specific energy, an expectant foresight.

What is mindset exactly?  Mindset is defined essentially as an attitude or a set of beliefs.

One of the reasons you likely hear me talking about establishing a belief in this profession (and you, of course) is because the entire foundation of your success is based on it.  It's based on your beliefs.

Your mindset…your head has everything to do with your ability to excel in everything you do.

I talk about a “Formula for Success” in network marketing on a lot of the stages I speak on.  Here it is:


Mindset + Skillset + Action = Results

A “winning mindset” is one that says things like,

“I've got this!”
“I own it. This is mine.”
“It's done!”

“Mock me all you want.  Try to stop me.
Nothing will prevent me from getting what
I want… nothing!”

Compare that to the opposite and tell me how it serves you in any way…

This is what we'll call “a weak and not so successful at all” mindset:

“I'm not sure if I can.”
“What if it doesn't work?”
“What if I fail?”
“What if I'm not cut out for it?”
“I'm not good enough.”
“I don't deserve this.”

Do you see the absolute MASSIVE difference the thoughts could make if those were two separate brains were were just looking at?  The battle of the mind is the greatest battle you will ever have.

Putting goodies in there and fighting off the negatives is lifelong and every day.  And…you are in the driver's seat.  You control your thoughts.  You choose how to think and act.  Yet…while you ARE in control, it can be very easy to succumb to negative thoughts and enter into a self-loathing tailspin if you're not careful.

I did a seminar recently in Florida and talked about how you can take control of your mindset by simply doing these “easy to do” action steps.

Eight Keys to a Winning Mindset

Before we get into the list, let me say this.  This is my viewpoint on what it takes to have an overall “success consciousness” or mindset that favors and is magnetized toward winning.

I'm going on what's worked for me and what I've seen in others over the past 25+ years of being an entrepreneur and working for myself.

#1:  Find Something to Get Excited About!

When you have a vividly clear purpose and you're doing something that makes you want to get up and move in the morning, you're on the right track!  Obviously, it's a great thing if you can feel totally excited and enthused about your company and the products they are bringing to market.  But…you can even put a little set of glasses on your situation and look at it a bit differently.  Maybe your excitement comes from you being able to impact and help other people, or from you knowing that it's a chance to grow and challenge yourself.

The excitement doesn't have to root specifically from your company or products, but certainly can come from the end result of the actions you are taking in that business.  Bottom line…when you have something that truly excites you, you're naturally inclined to have an optimistic outlook on life and your mindset will shift as a result.

#2:  Choose it.  Draw a Line.

I kind of feel like a broken record on this subject.  But…the moment you decide, it's the beginning of something significant.  You've drawn a line and made the commitment.  I'm talking real commitment by the way…not lip service.  When you do this, you're now on purpose.  A person with a goal and a purpose is one who can't be stopped. The most powerful step in the process is staking your claim and once and for all deciding that it's what you're doing.

There's power in that…and it fuels your mindset.

#3:  Have a plan and work it.  Write it out.

You further strengthen your mindset when there is clarity with exactly how you're going to get there.  If you're lost or unsure, you spend more time worrying about how you're going to get there than actually doing things to get there!

Have a written plan.  Be clear with what you're going to do and how you're going to do it.

#4:  Immerse yourself in Success.

Nobody can deny the fact that being immersed in success, literally bathing in it, is something that would rub literally off on you.    Imagine for a moment the idea of being completely immersed in the concept of success, of winning, of being victorious in all that you do.  When everything you are doing, all that you are reading, watching, doing, surrounding yourself with is positive, empowering and uplifting…you can't help but shift mentally.

My suggestion as it is for anyone who wants to be successful is to immerse themselves in it.  Read about it.  Listen to it.  Watch it.  Do whatever you can to grow, learn, develop and immerse yourself in all that is winning, positive and motivational.  As crazy as it might sound as it did for me 26 years ago…it flat works.  Do it…and see for yourself.

#5:  Build a Support Team.

The same goes with the company you keep.  Hard to be positive and in totally empowered state when you're being dragged down by the led weight of negativity in your life.  Toxic people aren't part of the equation when it comes to developing a successful and winning mindset.  You've only got time for people who are positive, supportive, uplifting and encouraging.  Anything else simply isn't serving you.  You get to choose where to spend your time.  Do it wisely.

#6:  Stop Comparing yourself to Others.

We spend our lives comparing ourselves to others, to our peers, celebrities and role models.  Do you.  Go at your pace.  Live your life on your terms and let no one else impact your daily decision making.  Some people will always go faster than you and others will be slower.  It's the way it is.  Control the one thing you can control…you.  Put your blinders on to what you've decided on doing, and just get after it.  The only competition you have is with yourself. Don't let other people ever dictate your behavior, your decision-making or your feelings.

#7:  Fight off the Negativity in your Head and Around you.  Starve it and feed the positive.

Here's what I've found through personal experience.  It's kind of like there's a constant battle of good vs. evil.  The bad stuff is always trying to creep it's way into your life and drown out the good.  You may be a positive, overall great human being…and still be affected by negativity attempting to creep in on your usual positive self.

Fight that nastiness as if your life depends on it.  Do whatever you must to chase out negative thoughts, feelings or ideas.  Starve the negativity and choke it if you have to.  On the other hand…feed and nourish the positive emotions, the actions…and the decisions that are guiding you to greatness and to big accomplishments in your life.

It takes a you being conscious of it, rabidly defending your positive attitude, your positive nature…and beating out anything els that tries to sneak in and ruin it.  Let the good prevail!

#8:  Take Care of your Body.

I don't know how anyone can have an overall positive and empowered mindset when their body is breaking down.  If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.  And…without energy, it's hard to accomplish anything.

You don't need to become a triathlete to take care of yourself.  But…it does take a conscious decision and serious action steps to stay on it, especially as you age.

The food industry makes it harder for us to make good choices.  That's not a lack of accountability with that statement.  Look around.  The choices are slim for health and vast with the not so health.

I walked into an airport store recently and spent 20-minutes looking for something that was nutritionally dense, good for me…and wasn't loaded with sugars or salts.  There were very few choices.  I'd say that 99% of the food choices in that store were processed and not at all good for you and maybe 1% good.   The odds are stacked against you.  So…it takes effort to eat quality foods.

Try this.  Eat a super health breakfast that is rich with calories from good quality foods and see how you feel.  The, go eat a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, bacon, chorizo and potatoes the next morning and tell me how you did the rest of the day.  The difference is night and day.  You need to eat foods that give you energy, not foods that make you lay on the sofa.

Get hydrated.   About 75% of the US population is walking around in a dehydrated state.  Your brain doesn't function well without water.  You lose cognitive function, memory and will be drained of energy.

Coke, coffee and beer don't count.  Your body is 60% water.  Feed it what it needs to function properly and it will be there for you when you need it most.  Remember…3 out of 4 people are dehydrated.  It's a big problem.  Don't be one of them.  Get the water intake up and you'll find yourself living better, sleeping better, and feeling better.


Think about it with this little recap.

  1.  You've got to be excited and optimistic to have a positive outlook.
  2. Nothing good happens until you commit.
  3. When you have a plan, it makes it easier to finish what you started.
  4. Good stuff attracts more good stuff.
  5. Good people tend to attract good things.
  6. Better to “do you” since everyone else is already taken.
  7. If you don't actively push away negativity, it will engulf you.
  8. Your body is the only thing you've got.  Take care of it.

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