Eliminating Disappointment and Discouragement

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Eliminating Disappointment and Discouragement
  • The Root Of Discouragement And How to Prevent It!
  • The Secret To Making Network Marketing Work

Eliminating Disappointment and Discouragement

I hear from people all the time that they're disappointed… and discouraged about the business.

Here's the thing…

In order for you to eliminate the disappointment… you have to look at what's disappointing you. 

When this question comes up, my first response back is… what does your activity look like for the past 90 days?

You know what… most of the time, it's very little activity.

What this leads to is disappointment in their business.

Yet, they haven't done the necessary activity to warrant their success.

This is crazy thinking, and if you're doing this… stop it right now!

It's kinda like wanting to be lean and fit… while sitting on couch, eating pizza and burgers.

Then wondering why you're unhealthy and overweight.

In today's lesson, I'm going to show you have to fast track yourself towards success.

Let's first start with…

The Root Of Discouragement And How to Prevent It!

Quick story…

When I got started back 30+ years ago in this business… I thought I would be making $10K per month in no time flat.

Funny thing is… 90 day's into it I wasn't even making $10 bucks!

I was very discouraged.

When I started MLM I drew a line the sand, and told myself… I'm doing this business.

This is part of the mindset you have to have in order to succeed in it.

You want to commit to yourself and your goals.

What it really comes down to are the false expectations you're setting for yourself.

This is the number one cause for discouragement and disappointment.

Couple good questions to ask yourself are…

Do I really have the right to be discouraged?

Have I put in the work it's going to take in order to achieve what I want in this business?

Once your expectations and inline with your activities, magic happens!

Use your current discouragement to fuel your activity… and bring yourself up to your expectations.

The Secret To Making Network Marketing Work

Here it is…

Network Marketing works for people who work the business.

It took me four years to hit $10K per month. I had to adjust my expectations.

I learned to not get emotionally attached… to things I'm not able to control.

Now, if you're doing the activity and not getting the results you like… then it's time to look at what you're doing.

This is one of the reasons having a coach is so important… because they can see things you can't.

My Leadership Evolution 12 week training program… is like having me coach you in your business.

In this episode #84, It's about… “Eliminating Disappointment and Discouragement”.

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