Enthusiasm Makes the Difference: True?

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Enthusiasm Makes the Difference by Norman Vincent Peale landed on my desk over 20 years ago.

What an epic read.  Have you read Enthusiasm Makes the Difference from cover-to-cover??  I'd challenge you to do it.  This all-time classic is a must for anyone who is interested in success in life.

I was a grinder when I got in the business from the get go.  Yea.  I was enthusiastic alright, but if you looked at me…I was probably gritting my teeth.  So, if you asked me about Enthusiasm Makes the Difference at that point…I'd say, “Not in my world it don't!”

Forceful and unproductive…I struggled until I started to feel as if I was enjoying what I was doing.  Be careful that your enthusiasm isn't clouded by something else.  That's the way it worked for me early on.

Yes…enthusiasm makes the difference alright.  That classic book you see in my hand and it's yellowed pages are right on the money.  Show disdain for what you do, and nobody wants be be even near you.   I didn't even feel as if I was feeling disdain for what I was doing when I started in network marketing.  Not in the slightest.

But…willingness to work super hard, the desire to go BIG, appeared as a “serious grinder” who wasn't having fun.

When I shifted to FUN and working hard doing so…people came my way.

The Lesson?

Show the fun, have a blast…truly be in a place of joy and vigor around whatever it is you're doing, and people will want to be around it.  They may even rub on you a little…just so they can get some of that.

It's contagious.  And…it's worth catching.

You're always either pushing people away or drawing people toward you with every action you take.  Showing some fire under your belly and you'll be surrounded by many.

Why in the world do you think that we are constantly striving for happiness?  Being happy feels good.  Then…we stumble across someone who is having a blast, enjoying the time of their lives, blissfully running around all day, and we are drawn to it!

It's super easy to simply go through the motions without much emotion.  Look at the zombie-like characters we meet in our daily lives…hum-drum going through the motions, on auto-pilot, barely present to the things around them.

That's not attractive.  But, happy-fun is.

Remember that…and you'll grow a big following in whatever it is you do.

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