Explosive Growth: Triple your Volume in 5 Days or Less

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Create Explosive Growth in your Group

I've said on numerous occasions that YOU hold the reigns of your business…and exercise an unbelievable amount of control over how big and how fast your group grows.  You want to literally TAKE CHARGE of what is going on in your group and create an environment where you literally have complete control over volume increases, rather than keeping your fingers crossed and hoping you end your month on a high note.

I learned this technique over 25 years ago…and it has served me very well.  This is a very specific process you go through in order to create explosive volume in a sales organization during the last week of the month.

This works in virtually all compensation structures:  binary, un-level, breakaway…it really doesn't matter.  What you're going to be doing with this strategy is working from the bottom of your organization back up to the top of it.

In fact…the best thing for you to do is watch this video I pulled from my YouTube channel I did a while back.  This technique is super easy…and will literally make your volume EXPLODE during the last few days of the month…increasing the number of rank advancements on your team, as well as individual earnings of distributors down in your group.

Be sure to use this strategy every month…and you will find yourself making huge gains in volume in a very short period of time.  In fact…you're very likely to do more volume in the last five days of the month, than you did in the first three weeks when you do this right.

Do yourself a favor…and TAKE ACTION on what I'm teaching here.  This strategy works.

Learn.  Do it. Teach it.

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