Facebook Groups are for Gettin’, Giving is for Fools

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In today’s episode of Gettin’ Rich with Buzzy Boxer, you’re going to discover the powerful art of the take.  

Yes…this strategy is simple.  Give nothing.  Provide zero value.  Be a taker.  You’ll learn that Facebook Groups are there for the taking.  

You go into a Facebook Group and simply attempt to recruit everyone in there…without ever posting anything of value or contributing to the cause.  

Nooooooo!!!  Don’t do that.  

Remember…this guy is a JOKE.  

Facebook Groups are great for creating relationships and meeting people that have a mutual interest that you have.  

You don’t go into Facebook Groups with the intention of “What can I get?”  

Instead… find a Facebook Group that you have either a sincere interest or curiosity in OR a group where you have a high level of expertise and knowledge in…and you GIVE.  Give VALUE.  Be a CONTRIBUTOR.  

The more you give, the more you will get into return.  

Remember…don’t be a Buzzy.  He’s represents all of the things you DON’T want to do in this profession.  

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