Fearless Networker Spotlight: Alexis Romano

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Alexis-Romano-2In this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we're featuring Alexis Romano, yoga enthusiast and Network Marketing dynamo with an organization of over 100,000.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Alexis and she was gracious to share her experiences in the field.

The Fearless Networker:  Alexis, you've been involved in Network Marketing for almost eight years.  How many people have you personally enrolled in that time and how do you like to recruit?

Alexis Romano:  Todd, I've personally enrolled 482 people during that time, all with the same company.  My biggest success in recruiting new people has been my FaceBook system. I created a whole simple system on creating curiosity, giving value and building relationships and in-turn teach my team the same.

The Fearless Networker:  As I mentioned, you have an organization of 100,000.  What have you found to be some effective actions to grow your team?  

Alexis Romano:  I guide, support and educate my team.  The most effective actions I’ve taken to help grow my team has been to utilize the six simple systems I created and duplication.  I believe that if you have a simple blueprint to build and work on your mindset, it’s a win win.

The Fearless Networker:  Starting out on your business journey, did you encounter any fears or challenges?

Alexis RomanoAlexis Romano:  There was no real fear; I always knew I would be successful, I just didn’t know how.  My challenge was figuring out a simplified way to do this business and understanding and that not everyone wants what I have to offer. 

The Fearless Networker:  Understanding that not everyone wants what you have to offer can be a HUGE challenge and lesson for many people.  Any other advice? 

Alexis Romano:  One solid piece of advice I can give a new person joining the profession is to get into action immediately, follow a simple system and develop your skills and mindset. Don’t waste time with people who don’t deserve your time.

The Fearless Networker:  What are some actions you've witnessed that could cause someone to struggle in this business?

Alexis Romano:  Do not overthink or overcomplicate this business. Be consistent or you will set yourself up to fail and only you will be the blame of that. Don’t give up before you get started, but get started.  Don’t get ready to get ready.  If you don’t take immediate action, even if you are clueless in doing so, you’ll never feel that fire and burning desire to want more.

The Fearless Networker:  Great advice Alexis!  Any other nuggets of wisdom you'd like to share?    

Alexis Romano:  Know WHY you want to do this business and wake up with an intention everyday.  Don’t look for others to motivate you or drive you.  Be the driver of your own future.  Keep thinking about the possibilities that this profession can bring your life and the lives of others.  

Understand, this is not an overnight thing.  Know that this takes time.  I always say, “What else are you doing for the next five years that will literally transform your life and the lives of so many others?”

Build your belief in your products/services, your company, Network Marketing and most importantly yourself.  Develop your skills, work on your mindset, get to every training event, plug into training calls, and stay connected.  

Don’t look for others to motivate you or drive you.  Be the driver of your own future.

— Alexis Romano

The Fearless Networker:  You are a true professional.  How does one achieve longevity in this industry?  

Alexis Romano:  My suggestions for people to ensure that they have a lasting business is to qualify people for your business. This isn’t for everyone. Know the qualities of the people you want to partner with when it comes to building a team. When you have depth and a solid organization, you have a lasting organization. Create a culture of leaders.

The Fearless Networker:  What has the Network Marketing profession provided you?

Alexis Romano:  Network marketing has given me the freedom to do whatever I want, when I want and with whom I want do it it with.  It has changed my entire family’s life financially.  Network Marketing has allowed me to continue a deeper growth in my spiritual journey and travel in order to do so.

The Fearless Networker:  That is AWESOME!  Final question, do you have a favorite business book?  

Alexis Romano:  My favorite business book of all time is Jack Canfield’s Success Principles.  I was reading this book while at work and that's when the lightbulb went off for me!  

The Fearless Networker:  That's a classic and one I'd recommend as well.  Alexis, thank you for your time and sharing the lessons you've learned along the way to building a successful organization.  Next time I see you, I may try standing on my head too!

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