Fearless Networker Spotlight: Joe Occhiogrosso

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Joe OcchiogrossoIn this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we're featuring Joe Occhiogrosso, a go-getter and Network Marketing professional with an organization 25,000 active associates.

The Fearless Networker:  Welcome Joe!  You've been involved in the Network Marketing profession almost 8 years and have sponsored 200 individuals.  With an organization of 25,000 active associates, what have been some of the most effective actions you’ve implemented into your business to help your team grow and stay engaged?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  I have live conference calls two times a week on a regular basis.  “The Mornin’ Cup of Joe O Call”.  It's not your typical rah-rah call promoting the next meeting; it's digging deep into what makes people tick, what makes people fail, and a lot of tough love and introspection which, in the end, becomes a great motivator for the people that want to grow.

The Fearless Networker:  Speaking of motivating, what is your favorite business book of all time?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  If Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn are considered business books (I think they are) then ANYTHING by those two authors!

Joe OcchiogrossoThe Fearless Networker:  As you started your career, what, if anything, was your biggest struggle on the way to achieving success?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  Getting people to see the big picture and work past their fear.

The Fearless Networker:  So, what was YOUR biggest fear as you started your Network Marketing career?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  I was never afraid of failing.  I just hoped that the company didn’t fail.

The Fearless Networker:  Where have you found your biggest success in recruiting new people into your organization?  

Joe OcchiogrossoJoe Occhiogrosso:  I think it’s the self-confidence a successful Network Marketer has, the person he or she has to become to be a good earner.  That sense of calm and confidence is attractive and exudes naturally when recruiting.  If you’re new, act like you’ve already achieved success and share your up-team’s stories until you achieve your own success.

“Network Marketing is a gift that provides people all kinds of freedom and self-development.  Dive in and be a shining light.  Do not accept failure and everything else in your life will just flow.”  Joe Occhiogrosso

The Fearless Networker:  Are their any specific strategies or actions that you’ve implemented into growing your business that you’ve found to be exceptionally productive?  

Joe Occhiogrosso:  More of the same I just mentioned.  Being different, studying and deciphering leadership, and encouraging others to lead.  Developing leaders is all that really matters, the rest will follow. 

Joe OcchiogrossoThe Fearless Networker:  What’s one solid piece of advice that you’d give someone entering this profession for the very first time?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  Congratulations on not being just another sheep following the herd!  When people think of you as different…that’s good.

The Fearless Networker:  How has being involved in the Network Marketing profession changed your life?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  I can go on and on!  Beyond the millions in earnings, it’s the friendships, the charity work and time freedom.  It has allowed me the satisfaction of helping thousands become bigger and better people.

The Fearless Networker:  Do you have any suggestions for people to ensure that they make Network Marketing a lasting and successful business venture?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  ALWAYS do the right thing and never burn bridges.  High integrity first.

The Fearless Networker:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that’s served you well in business?

Joe OcchiogrossoJoe Occhiogrosso:  I started my career as a Wall Street trader; a deal, is a deal, is a deal.  A handshake or a simple “done” over the phone is done.  Don’t ever whine about it or ask to unwind a deal.

The Fearless Networker:  If you could share anything that would massively impact the people reading this, what would you say?

Joe Occhiogrosso:  Network Marketing is a gift that provides people all kinds of freedom and self-development.  Dive in and be a shining light.  Do not accept failure and everything else in your life will just flow.  You will welcome the inevitable problems and solve them with confidence and a smile knowing that you’re a better person for it. 

The Fearless Networker:  I read your book, A Story About, “I Will Never Do Network Marketing”, which I found really fascinating, especially since that's EXACTLY what you do now.  

Joe Occhiogrosso:    I'm glad you enjoyed it!  

The Fearless Networker:  I did…especially the way you wrote it.  The characters in the book really put an amazing light on our profession and what it can do for people.  Thanks so much for being with me here today. 

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