Five Ways To Be More Consistent

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Five Ways To Be More Consistent
  • The Pathway Towards Constancy
  • Creating The Consistency Habit

Five Ways To Be More Consistent

When I poll my audience about the challenges they're facing.

It's all comes down to lack of consistency, and how to overcome it.

Here's the thing…

You can't do anything well, without being consistent at it. This is one of the reasons I run my A-TEAM training program

It holds people accountable, and gives them a road map towards consistency.

Networkers needs this because…

You have to show up in this business if you really want to be successful.

In today's training you're getting my 5 WAYS TO BE MORE CONSISTENT!

The Pathway Towards Constancy

It all starts with setting your goals, and what you want out of the business. Once you have your vision it's time to get to work.

Let's start with…

Consistency Rule #1) Set your schedule and plan to dominate. I say this all the time, but you want to run your business… like a business.

Set your schedule for each day, and even the weekends. This is your business, so plan out the hours you're going to be working.

Next up is…

Consistency Rule #2) POWER HOUR. I would suggest, you do a power hour every business day. This means for 60 minutes you're doing nothing but revenue producing activities. 

This means you're doing outbound marketing. Prospecting, texting, messenger, etc.

I cover this more in detail in the video… so make sure you watch it on this page.

Let's move to…

Creating The Consistency Habit

Consistency Rule #3) Next is finding a buddy to partner up with. If you're not doing this yet, find someone you can team up to hold you accountable. 

This way you can support each other.

On to…

Consistency Rule #4) Get good. This is all about stepping up your skills and taking action with them. This is how you get better each day. If it's important to you, you'll put the work in and get good.

Finally, I'll wrap up with…

Consistency Rule #5) Remember why you're here. What caused you to get involved in network marketing? 

Keep this vision in front of you, because it's what get's you through tough times.

Start taking action on these five rules… and watch your business take off like a rocket!

Stay fearless,

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