For Network Marketers Who Don’t Have Time

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If you're a network marketer who is struggling to put time into your business, this post is for you.  In the video here…which you definitely want to spend a few minutes and watch…I point out some very simple things that can make a significant impact on your business, even if you have very little time.

The top two objections we get from our prospects are:

“I don't have the time.”
“I don't have the money.”

They are literally THE most common objections we hear from prospects…which to me are KEY REASONS to actually DO network marketing.  If you don't have time or money…something needs to change.

People come into network marketing all the time and end up spending NO TIME on their business, because they either feel they have no time…or more accurately, don't know how to CREATE TIME for their business.

I've coached with and worked with some extremely busy people.  The reality is…we're all busy.  Just like when you buy a bigger house, it seems to fill up with stuff…the same thing happens with your day.

If you're a network marketer who feels you have no time to build your business, here's what I have to say to you.

If your business was THAT important to you, you'd be putting in some time.  Don't get mad at me…turn that anger toward yourself.  People who want something bad enough, ALWAYS find the time to make it happen.  You get up and eat every day, don't you?  You don't forget to get dressed, right?  I mean…you'd never leave your home naked and drive all over town.  Why? Because putting your clothes on is a MUST…unless you plan on getting arrested.    Your business needs to be treated the same…period.  It's a must.  Put SOME time in.  You have the time…it's just not a priority for you.  It's that simple.

Make use of the Crooks and Crannies of your Day.   This is another big one.  I get it.  You're busy…and non stop.  So am I. How you LOOK at your time makes a big difference.  A 5-minute drive to the gym, an errand running session, a drive to the grocery store…or a commute to work COULD be at least some activity in your business, rather than none.

The compound effect…you've heard that phrase…the compound effect of your activities produces a LOT over time.  Imagine this for a moment.  If you have four 5-minute breaks in your day…a commute here, a break there…those could be turned into prospecting calls for your business.  Four calls a day…5-days a week, that's 20 calls a week ON YOUR BREAK TIME!  Over a year that amounts to over 1000 calls you could make in your SPARE TIME during the year.  Don't tell me that it wouldn't produce revenue until you try it.  Make use of the in-between times and you'll quickly see that you have at least some time to build your business.

Do something for at least an hour a day.  Again…this might not sound like much, at it isn't.  But, it is better than nothing.  If you feel you literally have NO TIME to build your business, start by making use of your in-between times…and THEN schedule yourself just 60-minutes a day of TOTALLY BUSINESS FOCUSED ACTIVITY.

It will do a few things.  One…it gives you some kind of daily consistency, if even a little bit.  And, that consistency will make you better AND grow your business at the same time.  Two…it's easier to keep an object in motion, in motion.  If you leave your desk, your office, or your activity for too long…it makes it harder to “get back on the horse” as they say.  Sure…an hour isn't a lot, but it beats the hell out of doing nothing!  Schedule it…and stick to it AS IF your life depends on it.  Eventually it will.

If it can be done by someone else 80% as good as you…have them do it.  A lot of network marketers don't think this way…but now you will.  You shouldn't be mowing your lawn or cleaning your house..  Have someone else do it.   Any entrepreneur who mows their own lawn…especially those that are trying to get things going, would be better suited having someone else do those activities, so you can free yourself up to actually make your business work.  This isn't rocket science.  Look at your schedule and MAKE ROOM for your business!

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