Four Ways to Be a More Consistent Network Marketer

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I never want to assume anything, including the whole idea that the biggest struggle for most people is simply staying consistent at their business.  You have to be a consistent network marketer to be successful in network marketing!

It's one of the key reasons I survey my audience every year.  After going through the results of our 2018 Survey , the thing that came up most that was glaring in our staff's face was this:

“I need to be more consistent.”
“I need to take more consistent, daily action.”
“I've got to stop procrastinating and putting stuff off!”

Out of the nearly 1000 surveys we went through, those were pun intended, the most consistent things we saw in our survey!

So…how do you become a more consistent network marketer?  It's one thing for someone to say, “Hey…in order to be successful in your business, you have to be consistent!  Now…just go BE consistent, will you!”

I hate it when people say to go DO something, but don't provide you solutions on how to go about doing it.

Our inner voice goes, “YES!  Duh!  I KNOW I need to be consistent, but I am having a hard time doing it.  Don't you see?  I need help.  Don't just TELL ME that I need to do it, SHOW ME how to go about changing this darn situation that I'm in!”

Understanding Why People Procrastinate

Without getting too deep in this post there are two primary reasons why people procrastinate….and, once you understand them, you can move yourself into being a more consistent network marketer.

#1:  They Have Low Self-Confidence Relative to the Task at Hand.  This is some of the kind of self-talk that goes along with someone feeling low confidence relative to an activity that they're about to embark on, but don't.

          “I don't see myself as good at it, therefore I am going to avoid it.” 
          “I just doesn't feel good to me.” 
          “I feel like a failure when I do it.” 
          “I don't feel adept at it.” 
          “I'm not good at it.”  

People tend to well up with fear in things they have no competence in.  When you don't think you can do something well, you avoid it.

#2.  They Don't Like Doing it.  It's Not a Pleasurable Activity.  

So…if you don't feel GOOD about how good you are at something you'll avoid it.  And…if you couple that with not liking the activity itself, you'll avoid it.  We all tend to avoid things we don't like doing.   Putting something off that we don't enjoy is normal.  So…how then do you start liking that which you don't currently enjoy?  Are you supposed to just toughen up and put a smile on your face.  Fake it?   NO!

Try looking at it differently.  I don't LOVE getting on the phone.  Even though the ACTION is me getting on the phone to communicate with someone, it's not that I'm in love with the phone.  How can you see what you do differently?  Is it possible for you to put on a different set of glasses, and have a different outlook or viewpoint on what it is you are currently avoiding?  I think it is.

See if you can look at that thing you're avoiding and look at it from a different perspective.  Maybe instead of you looking at it like, “I've got to make those calls!”  You can change it to, “I get to go out and impact somebody's life today in a way that may change the direction of their future for good!”   Same calls, different outlook.

Start Asking Yourself the Right Question

One thing I've found about self-employment is this.  Nobody is going to do it for you, but you.  So, you MUST take some time aside and ask yourself some tough questions.

If I'm not acting, WHY?   Don't be so irresponsible and lacking in accountability that you're not willing to face the honest to goodness truth about why you're not acting and say something like, “I just don't know Todd.  I don't know why I simply can't get to work.  I wish I knew.  If I knew, then I would know the answer.”  

GIVE yourself the answer, by asking yourself this very honest question.  Here it is.
The next time you're about to do something, but then you don't…ask yourself this:

“What is the predominant thought or feeling I'm having right now?”

You need to face it.  Get CLARITY with WHY you're not acting!  How can you change what you're not even aware of?  This is one of those down and dirty honest moments where you get real with yourself face your demons.

Speaking of CLARITY, not only do you need to have clarity with WHY you're not acting, but also with WHERE you are going.  You need to have Clarity of Vision.  I crystal clear vision pulls you.  No pushing necessary.

When you have a crystal clear picture of what you want, clarity pulls you towards what you're looking to accomplish.  Think about other “things” you've wanted so badly in your life that you could quite literally ‘taste it'.  That crystal clear vision of what you wanted, made it that much easier to go get it.  If you're lacking clarity, thats a good reason why you're lacking consistency.

Four Ways to Be a More Consistent Network Marketer

#1:  Grab a Running Partner.  Seriously.  Go find someone who you can team up or partner with to help you get your butt in gear.  Anytime you have someone with you, it will be easier.  Do it together.  Make calls together.  Find someone on your team, sideline from you…or even in another company, and work with one another.  A running buddy can be just the ticket for you to get in gear.

#2:  Schedule Power Hours in your Calendar.  I mean, schedule it.  Book some “Power Hours” in your calendar and make them non-cancellable, unbreakable appointments.  You wouldn't miss the doctors appointment, dentist appointment or meeting with your kid's principal.  Book it.  Stick to it.

Oh.  What's a Power Hour?  It's one POWERFUL HOUR of a single activity:  prospecting.  The ONLY thing that happens during that hour is revenue producing activities.  Nothing more.  That is the ONLY thing that can occur during those 60-minutes, and the ENTIRE hour is activity.  No 55-minutes of thinking about it, then five doing.  All 60 is DOING!

#3:  Set Some Goals you Can Hit !!!!  Stop setting unreachable, far off into the future goals.  Yes…set them, but don't forget to have those short-term and intermediate goals that when hit, keep you moving and motivated.  There's nothing more defeating than constantly being defeated.  Give yourself an opportunity to WIN.  You need mini victories along the way, and many of them.  Many mini victories make you motivated.  Say that one three times fast!

#4:  You Need a Community, A TEAM that you Can Run With.  It's due time for you to get with a crew of people that are just like you…ready to run, and ready to hold yourself accountable.  A supportive community is a MUST.

There's nothing worse than being the only guy in the room that wants to sprint…and everyone else is laying on the sofa taking a nap.  A group of people with a common mission cannot be stopped.

The problem is this.  Your whole team doesn't want to run.  Some do, but many don't.  And…being with a group that has a leader, a facilitator that's going to make 100% sure that people stick to the objective is also a must.  A lazy leader isn't going to hold the group to their goals.

This is one of the key reasons why I've been running group accountability programs for so long.  People need them.  And, they're lacking BIG TIME in this business.  This is a volunteer sport, and one that sometimes needs a little hand-holding, hugging, supporting and tough love to break the chain of bad habits for people.

Think about the group class dynamic in exercise.  I don't care how lazy, fat and out of shape you are…when your coach is pushing you, and there are other people watching, you act!  You cannot help but do more in that kind of setting than you would on your own.

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There's no time like the present for you to step out of your in-consistency and break that horrible habit of being not doing and being constantly angry at yourself for it.  Join our next session.   You'll be glad you did!

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