Get Motivated in Challenging Times

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Get Motivated in Challenging Times

Need to get motivated?  Lost your motivation?  Never been motivated?

The concept of motivation is a frequent topic of conversation.  As a coach and trainer, loads and loads of conversations center around this subject.  People have this desire or want in their life, but can't seem to get or stay moving toward that target they so deeply desire.

Where does it come from?  
How do you keep it?  
What if you lose it?
How do I find others that are motivated?

The way you get motivated and stay there is to go deep.  The deeper you go, the stronger the anchor.  Maintaining motivation, in my opinion, is mostly internally driven.  YOU are the person that brings the drive.  I explain the concept in this video.  Other people can motivated you, but not in a way that most people think.

Watch this short video and see how deep you need to go to get motivated, and stay there.

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