Go Pro Recruiting Mastery: The Biggest Event in Network Marketing

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Are you attending Eric Worre's Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event coming up in December??

go-pro-recruiting-masteryIt has become the single largest event of it's kind in the network marketing profession…and without a doubt the world's largest event of it's kind in the entire world.

I've attended many events in my day as a network marketing professional.  There's something significant about Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event.

Never before in the entire history of network marketing have so many people from different companies and different countries attended the same exact event.

Sure…I've seen corporate events from a single company, network marketing national conferences with ten or fifteen thousand people in attendance (although extremely few are ever that size).  But, to have an OPEN training event like this simply has never been done before.

If you consider yourself a network marketing professional, or you want to become a network marketing pro…my opinion is that you simply do NOT miss this event.

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I had a conversation last week with James Davis at the Network Marketing Pro corporate headquarters.

If you CALL HIM DIRECTLY on his cell phone and tell him that Todd Falcone sent you, he can arrange to make sure you have tickets for this event.

Call James Davis today at 316-393-3855.

The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event is one event that is an absolute MUST ATTEND for anyone who is involved in network marketing and wanting to become a network marketing professional.

Learn from the biggest earners in the entire network marketing arena, network with people who are in your same profession, learn from Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Eric Worre.

This is THE event of the YEAR.  Don't miss it.  Get your tickets today and bring your team members.  It's a safe place to bring your entire team.  There is an extremely strict NO RECRUIT POLICY at all of Eric Worre's events.

Come learn, grow and develop your skills and confidence at the world's largest open network marketing training event, coming up December 1-4, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Call James Davis today at 316-393-3855.
Order your Tickets.
Be SURE to tell him that Todd Falcone sent you.
I will mail you a personally autographed copy of my new book to anyone who buys tickets directly from James.

See you there!

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