How Bad Do you Want it?

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So…you say you want success, right? You've got people on your team that ‘say' they want it to. The question is, “What exactly do you do when faced with people who ‘say, but never do' on your team? This little vid shows you how to deal with them.

In all the years I've done network marketing, I've always wanted to be successful, and most of the times faster than it actually happened. How bout you? Nobody wants to wait for success. No one wants it to take forever…or even a long time.

What happens when you are faced with WANTING success for you and your people, but things happening that don't allow it to happen as fast as you'd like it to? Does it take you out of the business completely? Does it shift your attitude? Does it want to make you work less? We are all EMOTIONAL beings. We all have feelings.

We all respond to stuff. BUT…and this is a big BUT. Is it actually serving you and the growth of your business by emotionally responding or emotionally attaching yourself to perceived outcomes? This video tutorial is a simple and powerful lesson on what to do when faced with people who initially said they wanted success in your business and perhaps even worked for awhile, but for whatever reason of their own, no longer doing anything.

Watch this. Show it to others.

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