How Do I Create a Success Mindset?

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There's a lot of hype about mindset in network marketing and you may wonder, “How Do I Create a Success Mindset?”

Let's talk, in this episode…

  • What is a Success Mindset?
  • Why is Mindset Important?
  • FIVE Ways to Create a Success Mindset     

There’s a lot of talk about MINDSET in network marketing. In fact, a common question a lot of people ask themselves is, “How do I create a success mindset?”

Or how about this question, “Can’t I just do the work and make some money?”

I literally said that exact thing to my sponsor when I first got started in network marketing. And he told me I needed to read the book Think and Grow Rich. Keep in mind, I had just gotten out of college and spent my whole life up until that point reading, studying and taking tests. In fact, I thought it was time for me to retire the books and make some dough. In other words, I was totally done with studying…or so I thought.

But, have you ever heard the amazing quote from Jim Rohn that says, ”Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

That’s POWERFUL when you let that sink in. In other words, school doesn’t teach mindset, it teaches you how to pass tests and then go to work for someone else. Very rarely do people learn about entrepreneurship in school.

So, what the heck IS a success mindset anyhow? Let’s be clear…what you think about, you become. Thoughts ARE things. In fact, what you focus on grows. Furthermore, you become that which you think about most often. So…yea, creating a success mindset is super important if you want to be successful. In this episode, I’m going to give you some very straightforward and simple ways to create your own success mindset.

FIVE Ways to Create a Success Mindset…
1. Have a Target to Shoot For in Your Life…#GOALS

The first step in creating a success mindset is getting clear with what you want. Therefore, what’s your target or targets? With this in mind, you need to be CRYSTAL CLEAR with exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve. What do you want to become and do and have? Get your “be, do and haves” in order.  

It’s kinda hard to be motivated and inspired to work and have this really cool consciousness aimed at success when you’re not even sure what you want and why you want it. Once you have a clear understanding of your goals, you can create a plan and take action towards achieving them. And…simply having a plan begins to shift your mindset toward success.

It's important to set specific and measurable goals and to break them down into smaller, actionable steps. By taking small, consistent actions towards your goals, you can build momentum and make progress towards achieving them. Even baby steps are better than no steps. If you’re moving, if you’re progressing toward what you want…you're in the right zone.

2. Develop a Growth Mindset

What the heck Todd? You’re supposed to be talking about a success mindset.  What’s the growth mindset thing all about.

Let me put it to you bluntly. A growth mindset is the belief that your abilities and intelligence can be developed through hard work and dedication. By adopting a growth mindset, you can overcome challenges, learn from your mistakes, and continually improve your skills and abilities. In other words, you can figure it out. You’ll find a way.

I talk about this incessantly. People who want to succeed have got to grow…their skills, their outlook, and their potential. The better you are, the better the results will be.  The more you become, the more value you bring into the marketplace.

One of your missions in life should be to get as good as humanly possible as a network marketing professional. You can choose to do one of two things. One…stay where you are or two…grow into a better version of yourself. Pretty simple choice, isn't it?

To develop a growth mindset you'll want to focus on the process of learning and growth rather than just the outcome. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and seek feedback to improve your performance. Celebrate your successes, but also embrace failures as opportunities to learn and improve.

3. Cultivate a Positive Attitude

I remember hearing a very long time ago that your “attitude affects your altitude” in life. It has a nice ring to it…and I do believe it to be true.

A big, booming, positive attitude focused on possibility, potential, and optimism will serve you much better than being a “Debbie Downer”.  (Apologies to the Debbie’s of the world. I didn’t make up that phrase.) In other words and to put it bluntly, a shitty attitude produces shitty results.

A positive attitude is essential for creating a success mindset. And a positive attitude allows you to approach challenges with optimism and resilience; to see opportunities where others see obstacles.

To cultivate a positive attitude, focus on gratitude and positivity. Take time each day to reflect on the things you are grateful for and to focus on positive affirmations. Surround yourself with positive people and resources that uplift and inspire you.

You become exactly like those you hang around. You know that, but have you acted on it? Our attitude is affected by the people we surround ourselves with, the books we read, what we watch, who and what we listen to and a number of other factors, including what we put into our bodies and what we do with our bodies, from an activity standpoint.

4. Practice Self-Discipline

You’ll never win as a self-employed person if you don’t have the self-discipline to get shit done. What’s a good definition of self-discipline? I remember Bob Proctor saying it in this way., “Discipline is giving yourself an order and following through on it.”

That certainly cuts through the clutter, doesn’t it? Self-discipline is mandatory for creating a success mindset. It allows you to stay focused and motivated, even when faced with distractions and obstacles. Self-discipline also helps you build good habits and routines that support your goals and vision. What is your routine?   Do you have one?

To practice self-discipline, create a daily routine and stick to it. Set clear boundaries and prioritize your time and energy towards your goals. One very clear boundary to consider setting is when you are in your home office, shut your door. Let your family know that when your office door is shut, you’re in work mode and not to be interrupted unless urgent or very important. I’ve worked from home my entire life and my family knows that if my office door is shut, I’m getting things done. They can lightly knock and see if I’m available, but they don’t just barge through the door.

5. Take Action Daily

Again, it’s pretty tough to have an overall success consciousness and amazing outlook on life when you’re not doing anything. To sound purposefully cliche, actions speak louder than words. It’s what you do, not what you say you’re going to do that really matters.

Lack of action will likely result in a depressed or down mindset…most certainly not a success mindset. If you take no action, your goals never come to fruition. Without action, your goals and vision will remain just a dream. By taking action towards your goals, you build confidence, momentum, and experience.

To take action break your goals down into small, actionable steps and take consistent, intentional actions towards them. Don't let fear or self-doubt hold you back. Embrace discomfort and take calculated risks to move forward.

Sounds all well and good, doesn’t it? The truth is…this requires work. You need to put purposeful effort toward creating a successful mindset. Just know…it is possible.

Our mindset shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, and determines how we approach challenges and opportunities. You ARE what you think. Therefore, a success mindset is critical to, not only be successful in network marketing, but apply in all aspects of your life.

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